Libra 2017



This will be a stormy year for Libra, starting from your love nest, where you will be extremely passionate, to the workplace, where things will be extremely exciting. With your balanced nature, you will be able to hold everything under control.  You will have strong sense of purpose and take interest in spirituality.  Some interesting love stories will happen to all of Libra rising signs looking for the soul-mate. One way, or another, 2017 will be the year of being in the right place at the right moment.


You will remember this year until the end of your life because love story from your dreams will finally become true. We can definitely promise you a lot of passion and exciting time in the bedroom. Many of you who already have first marriage behind your backs will be thinking about another one. Those who have love stories with someone living abroad should be careful not to enter the trap of jealousy and dependence. If you want your relationship to be successful you should get over your personal need for domination and control.  Those who enter new circle of friends in the winter will definitely meet somebody that will make butterflies in their stomach. You will go out a lot together and make strong friendship, but romance may not occur due to timidity on one or even both sides.  You must be courageous in that situation and take the chance. Old love interest will express concrete interest, but some of you will be too proud to answer. Until the end of the year, double relationships may occur.


You will have support of successful friends when it comes to finding better job or just taking steps towards better position. Some of you will enter a business with your love partner and it may turn out to be successful. In this year some main changes will occur. Don’t hesitate to change anything that bothers you, because the planets will be beneficial. Don’t give up, those who are persistent will find a way to the doors of happiness.  In the end of the year conflicts with your superiors may occur. You will be enough of having someone to obey. We would advice you not to lose your temper over some trifle.


Be careful when it comes to games of chance. You may lose big sum due to it. We especially recommend avoiding casinos and bookies.  Around March-April 2017, some small inheritance awaits for you. During the summer, you should be especially careful, although you will have impression of having a lot of money. Anyway, our advice would be to save for more difficult days.  To some of you, your kids will be helpful with their own revenues.  In the end of year, you will be ready to give up a bigger long planned investment such as car of apartment, in order to help to a friend in difficult situation.


You may be in situation of taking an old and sick family member to live with your own family and this may trigger bigger conflicts. In this situation you should be careful not to hurt feelings of this old person. You should try to solve this issue with your cousins, and persuade your own family to be helpful and positively inclined. Support of the partner will be very important, and with it, you will be able to make this situation into positive experience of sharing and being kind and broad-hearted. In the summer some of you will find out that your friends have been spreading lies about you. Before entering the conflict with your friends, or just breaking contact, you should check their side of the story!


You will have exciting and rapid lifestyle, so it may happen to you to completely forget about your health. Be careful to take your meals orderly, go to the bed early and sleep enough! Your lungs will be under some danger during the winter so, in the case you are smoker, you should definitely reduce number of cigarettes. Avoid strong wind and humidity. We would advice going to the mountains in the summer. Yoga in the sun, would also do you great help!