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Mars-Ketu in Capricorn – Danger of Earthquake

Mars Ketu

  Mars and Ketu will transit in Capricorn sign until October 2018. The planet Mars will be in exaltation during  this phase. Mars color is reddish brown and has inherent nature of aggression and determination. Ketu is planet for wisdom. It represents detachment, interest in spiritual matters, monks etc. Ketu is similar in giving results like Mars […]

Irrfan Khan – Neuroendocrine tumor- Astrological analysis

irrfan khan

The actor revealed that he had been diagnosed with a rare carcinoma disease called neuroendocrine tumor which occurs to one in a million cases on March 5th in his social media post. “Life is under no obligation to give what we expect”, said actor Irfan Khan quoting the words of Margaret Mitchell`s film “Gone with […]

Mercury Retrograde – Effects and remedies

Mercury retrograde

According to Vedic Astrology, Planet Mercury governs communication, thinking ability, personal ideas, logical and intellectual ability. It is associated with the setting of goals and achieving them through concrete actions. Retrograde Mercury affects speech abilities, decision making abilities and causes communication hindrances. It signifies a period of introspection, a time to reconsider past decisions made, […]

Chaitra Navratri 2018


Chaitra Navratri The word Navratri in Sanskrit means Nine (Nava) Ratri (Nights). As per Hindu Lunar Calendar, Navratri falls during two important seasons of a year – spring and winter. Chaitra Navratri falls on the month of Chaitra (March–April) and observed during the waxing phase (Shukla Paksha) of this month. It marks the start of […]



PISCES 2017 PREDICTIONS You, dear Pisces are the biggest dreamers among all others signs.  Well, we definitely can promise that some of your dreams will come true in 2017! But for other ones you will have to try harder and maybe wait for a longer time. If there is a sign in horoscope that doesn’t need […]



AQUARIUS 2017 PREDICTIONS In 2017 you will be questioning every aspect of your life and you will be ready for all kinds of changes.  Question of the year will be: what is my aim? What is my aim with this love partner, what is my final goal in work or after studies? Who I want […]



Capricorn rising signs will be more relaxed and open for new experiences than ever. This year will pass relatively smoothly for you. You should use this year to maximize fun and minimize stress and hard thinking.  In this year you will experiment with possibilities life offers. You will try to make best of your current state. But you should remember, you can’t enjoy alone!  Getting maximum from this life, means getting maximum from people and relations with them. So, you should be openhearted for others and every door will be open for you!



SAGITTARIUS 2017 PREDICTIONS Year  2017 will be the period when some of you will have a chance to change your destinies and take completely different life-paths. Some of you may discover new talents!  When Saturn transits the first house it is time to overcome insecurities  and deal with life’s karmic lessons. You will definitely be […]



SCORPIO 2017 PREDICTIONS Scorpio rising signs will indeed prove to be great when it comes to dealing with every kind of problems. During this year you will have a chance to prosper almost every day. Exciting aspects by which Scorpio will be affected are going to make an explorer and problem solver of you. Situations that […]