Mars-Ketu in Capricorn – Danger of Earthquake

Mars Ketu


Mars Ketu

Mars and Ketu will transit in Capricorn sign until October 2018. The planet Mars will be in exaltation during  this phase. Mars color is reddish brown and has inherent nature of aggression and determination. Ketu is planet for wisdom. It represents detachment, interest in spiritual matters, monks etc. Ketu is similar in giving results like Mars due to its aggressive nature and if these two planets join together-chaos is certain to happen.


Natural calamities and disasters to happen during Mars-Ketu conjunction between 20th July 2018 and 14th August 2018:

Particularly in India, a natural disaster like earthquake is likely to happen. Health issues like breathing problems, muscular contraction, and unknown diseases related to skin could be on rise.

Earthquakes, cyclones and mainly calamities related to fire are likely to happen. Due to these calamities, loss of property, damage to buildings, water borne diseases etc. are likely to occur. Countries like India, Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. may be facing major threats. Particularly CHINA may taste problems related to damage to property, increase in death etc.

Overall Asia and South America will be at the highest risk

Recently on July 27, 2018-eclipse occurred and it was for long time (3 hours). During this eclipse, 5 planets-Sun, Rahu, Mars, Ketu And Moon were aligning together. This eclipse may not be a healthy one and after this phenomenon occurred this eclipse is likely to trigger unnatural deaths, increase in infection rate related to water borne diseases, reduction in rains resulting in water scarcity etc.

Effect on individuals

A sense of Prejudice is certain to occur among people for no reason- if both these planets are combined together the person is bound to suffer from lack of determination and confusion in taking decisions.

Due to the combined influence of Mars and Ketu-harmony in relationship will get affected. Medical expenses and increase in hospitalization resulting in surgeries are likely to happen for many. Marriages happening during this planetary combination of Mars and Ketu are likely to end up in turmoil. Unwanted disputes in family, taking impulsive decisions may land people in trouble. One is likely to get easily provoked and develop enmity among dear ones and friends even. Maintaining love will be a question mark. Patience is the KEYWORD for success in this challenging period.

Mars with Ketu and its consequences for 12 zodiac signs:

People belonging to this sign are likely to face problems in career, loss of job, unpleasant relationship with senior officials etc. People born under this sign may be prone to giddiness which results in increase in Blood pressure etc. Pain in legs, stiffness may also be possible. Harmony in relationship is likely to get affected.

Natives born under this sign may face issues related to relationship with father, lack of or delay in getting fortunes. Delays in long distance travel may be possible. Insecure feeling may be present among these natives due to this Mars-Ketu conjunction.

For these natives, this Mars-Ketu conjunction is likely to create emotional outbursts with dear ones. Thereby harmony in relationship will get affected. Eye, teeth related problems may be possible. Chances for accidents while travelling may be possible.

These natives may face problems in relationship which may arise as a result of egoism and lack of adjustment. Concern over progress of children may be source of worry for people born under this sign.

Natives born under this sign may find a better edge and initiative to succeed in their efforts. Capability to expand further may be possible for people born under this sign. This may be a fine time for these persons to excel in a unique manner. Getting into new ventures and success in efforts with respect to getting new job openings may be possible. Even tedious tasks may appear to be fine for these natives.

Natives under this sign may see problems in family rocked by unwanted disputes. Health related problems for children may be present. Loss of patience may be possible for these natives born under this sign.

People born under this sign may witness unwanted travel, chaos in family, change of residence, difference of opinion with life partner etc. Health issues for mother and spending of more money may prevail. Decision making may not be efficient.

Natives born under this sign during this period are bound to excel in their efforts they pursue. They will have edge over their communication and try to attract others. On the other side, these people may lose their cool and thereby earn bad name among dear ones.

Natives born under this period may face obstacles in their efforts. Health hazards may be possible for these natives in the form of pain in thighs, legs, eye related problems etc. Relationship may get seriously affected due to lack of communication and arguments among dear ones.

These natives may have lot of unwanted worries and insecure feelings during this time. Ortho and nerve related problems may be on increase during this time.  Taking even light issues in family as serious may be prevailing for these natives during this course of time.

Natives born under this sign may face obstacles in each and every effort they are pursuing. Chances for fall during this travel may be possible. Career will be subjected to changes and such changes may not be growth oriented. Lack of confidence may dampen spirits of the natives born under this sign.

Natives born under this sign will find their heyday during this planetary combination of Mars and Ketu. Money flow will be fine and new opportunities to meet with prosperity may be possible during this course of time. On the other hand, this may not be favorable time for people born under this sign to maintain healthy relationship among family circles.



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