Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Yet to see the worse? – Astrological Forecast



Outbreak of CoronaVirus 2020  
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is spreading faster than anticipated. This newly identified coronavirus is spreading all across the globe. The fear of coronavirus is spreading faster than the disease, raising more questions than answers globally. According to John Hopkins Report, “There are 246, 275 confirmed cases, 10,038 deaths and 86,035 recoveries from the corona virus worldwide.”


The very first case as per Chinese government sources was recorded on 17th November 2019, although the official announcement was made only on 31st December 2019. It was just the beginning of the disaster which nobody expected at that point of time.

From shaken financial markets to international travel restrictions, markets shut down, countries closing their doors to travellers, and grocery store aisles left barren, this deadly virus is yet to be contained—here’s what the stars say about coronavirus.

Astrological Perspective of CoronaVirus
As per Hindu astrology, the planet Rahu mainly rules and signifies any kind of epidemic, while Ketu is the significator of Virus and bacteria. So the planet Rahu and Ketu play a vital role in causing such virus related diseases. If we step back in history and check, all major epidemics like Flu and Influenza have always been triggered by the nodal planets Rahu and Ketu. As they are invisible planets they make it hard to detect and find proper solution or vaccine for the virus. Also such epidemics last for a longer period of time. When these planets get closer to Saturn or Jupiter they are known to cause such outbreak and pandemic. The combination of Ketu, Jupiter and Saturn in Sagittarius has triggered the virus outbreak in December 2019.

When will CoronaVirus end?
Now the question that everyone has is when this Coronavirus is going to end. The planet Ketu started transiting in its own Moola constellation from 12 February 2020 which started bringing a large number of cases worldwide and new cases in India. Even Rahu presently transits in its own Ardra nakshatra making it super strong. The aspect of Rahu on Jupiter indicates there could be a lot of manipulation about the figures and facts which are being shared with the public about coronavirus.

Things are not looking so good in the future with Mars joining the planet Saturn in Capricorn from 22nd March 2020. Both are inimical planets and this conjunction of Mars with Saturn is only going to add fuel to the fire. The numbers of positive cases are likely to increase manifold across globally. 

Jupiter will temporarily move into Capricorn from 30th March 2020, Although this looks like a good sign as it will be free from the clutches of Rahu-Ketu. However it really does not seem so, if we reverse engineer and check the past epidemics like Spanish flu which only got worse after Jupiter got out of Rahu-Ketu affliction. So the period between March 23rd and 31st march continues to be very challenging and sensitive. 

This whole situation does not look to get better so easily with Jupiter going back to Sagittarius on July 1st 2020. So any relief coming could be temporary and this virus could come and hit back in a different strain. The period after 23rd April can bring some respite when Rahu moves out of its own constellation. 

Final Words

Right now we are fighting the pandemic but the real test is going to be from 23rd of March 2020 until 1st April 2020 when there will be the chances of highest number of people getting infected. It is only after 23rd April 2020 that we could start to see some decline in this pandemic.

However, since this virus is triggered by Saturn it would take a long period to settle down completely and chances are quite high for it to recur. The second wave of Coronavirus is not ruled out in the near future and it could act in a totally different manner attacking people of different age groups with different symptoms. 

For now the hope is of getting things and situation under control from 23rd April 2020. The period after March 2021 could start bringing an end to this pandemic

Remedies for the Virus

  • Chanting of OM mantra 108 times everyday
  • Eating tulsi leaf everyday
  • Listening or reciting Vaidhyanata Ashtakam
  • Drinking Lemon Juice made in hot water
  • Above all believe in the power of prayer and holistic living.
  • Listening to Powerful Rig Vedic Hymn (Veda mantra in Sri Krishnayajur Veda Taittiriya Aranyaka for destroying germs and viruses)

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