Aquarius 2017

In 2017 you will be questioning every aspect of your life and you will be ready for all kinds of changes.  Question of the year will be: what is my aim? What is my aim with this love partner, what is my final goal in work or after studies? Who I want to become in this life? All of this will happen due to Saturn making transition trough your 9th house that will start in January. You will be dedicated to find purpose in everything. You will be in revolutionary mood, meaning that you will want to change what needs to be changed, without regarding the price of it.  You will definitely be successful in getting your life ordered, but don’t be nervous if something doesn’t succeed. Some things are just worth trying.


You will not be very tolerant towards any kind of rejection. You will be in the mood of having everything that you want immediately.  Some of the people you want will be out of your range and your company will try to convince you to let it go, but you won’t surrender. Upon noticing greater obstacles, you will be even more motivated. You will begin the game by yourself, but be careful not to also finish it on your own- and without a wanted person. You may meet your soul-mate in the least expected places. Small trip to the seaside may result with destined encounter. Some seemingly pointless day may bring accidental tumbling upon your destined one in the supermarket while nervously returning for something you forgot to buy.  For the married ones, this will be the year of overcoming obstacles or letting them destroy your partnership.  Be careful when it comes to new opposite sex friends of your partner- not all of them are just friends. Danger may happen during the summer!


In the beginning of the year be careful- you may lose big amount of money at completely unexpected places. During the second half of the year sudden influx may happen due to your part-time job or sell of the old furniture.  We recommend you to try saving something in this period. You will definitely need it in the end of the year when planets won’t be generous at all towards your income.


At the beginning of the year you may find yourself immersed in too much job. But you will be successful at managing family and work obligations.  Springtime will bring too much thinking over superficial things and proneness towards perfectionism which you can use to attract attention of your superiors.  Your ego will be strong and you will be full of self-confidence. During the months of February, March and April there will be problem with superior. Don’t act impulsively or you may indeed end up without part you deserve. When you are calm, you can see things clearly and your argumentation will be way convincing.  Students Aquarius will have most successful period. Your grades may be unexpectedly high, or you will be winner of some high quality scholarship.


Saturn transiting 11th house will bring restricted impact in your social circle. You may seem as a withdrawn, strict and boring personality during this period. But don’t worry! This means that those real friendships will become much stronger than ever! You will have long conversations on serious topics that will make you really close.  When it comes to family, perfect period for getting pregnant will be the summer. And those older among you may expect to become grandparents.


Your health will be of relatively good quality. Jupiter will still be in your 8th house making good protection and prolonging life to elderly ones. Be careful when it comes to your lungs. Danger of pneumonia will be extremely high during winter. Your will feel nervous during end of summer. To avoid this do some yoga or go to the walks in nature as often as you can.   



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