Ashwini Nakshatra

It is the first of the 27 Nakshatras in the zodiac belt. Ashwini Nakshatra t falls in the first Rashi Aries or Mesha from 0.00 degrees to 13.30 degrees. They are the twin bright stars that make up the constellation of Aries: Alpha Arietis and Beta Arietis. The symbol of Ashwini Nakshatra is Horse`s head which signifies power, dignity and ability of swift action. It is ruled by Ketu, south node of Moon and the ruling deity of Ketu is Lord Ganesha.


ashwini nakshatra


General Characteristics of Ashwini Birthstar

The presiding deities of Ashwini star are Ashwini Kumaras, who are the divine twin physicians of the celestial Gods. Those born under this Nakshatra are natural physicians as they innately carry with them the healing energy and ability to heal others. They are also blessed with a youthful appearance like that of Ashwini Kumaras.

Being the first star in the constellation, Ashwini Nakshatra carries the energy of beginnings and those born under this Nakshatra intend to try new things and are born performers. They are highly energetic, independent and headstrong. They are intelligent with unmatched ideas and quick to grasp things.

Career options for Ashwini Nakshatra

Those with Ashwini Birthstar can choose to be : Medical professionals, healing professionals, therapists, motivational trainers, counselors, relationship therapists, athletes, sports related professionals, herbalist, explorers, pharmacist, jewelers, promotional jobs, campaign managers, researchers, contractors, stuntmen/women, engineering, military, law enforcement, airplane or boat or auto racers, gardeners, military.


Ashwini Nakshatra represents head and brain or cerebral hemisphere in the human body. Those with Moon in Ashwini are likely to suffer from headache, heart problems, accidents, high blood pressure, and migraine.

Ashwini Nakshatra – Marriage Compatibility

Those with Ashwini Birthstar are compatible with natives born under Shatabishak Nakshatra. They are incompatible with those born under Hastha and Swathi.

Positive Traits of Ashwini Star

Those with Ashwini Birthstar are Intelligent, attractive, intuitive, powerful, youthful, spiritually inclined, adventurous, strong, helpful, independent, motivated to initiate new projects, inclined to healing and self-improvement activities, straight forward, direct, fearless, agile, competent, charming, family loving, loves travel, well dressed, moderate habits and manages finances prudently.

Negative Traits of Ashwini Nakshatra

Individuals with Ashwini star are restless and impatient. They rush off to something quickly and do not finish it to the end. They can be aggressive and stubborn individuals. Being hasty in their actions, they can compromise on efficiency. They do not seek advice and get disappointed when things do not go as planned. They get dissatisfied easily and suffer from lack of mental quietude. They  are overly passionate and want to do things their own way.


Those born with Ashwini Birthstar should pray to Sri Bhava Aushadeeswarar in the sacred energy vortex located in Thiruthuraipoondi in Tamil Nadu, India. Aushadeeswarar means – Lord Shiva – The Lord of Medicine who can cure all diseases.

This sacred vortex that resonates with Ashwini star is filled with disease- curing energy. Those born under Ashwini Nakshatra should perform pooja and abishekam to Sri Bhava Aushadeeswarar with sacred herbs on their birth star (Ashwini) day to receive blessings and remove unhappiness and suffering from their lives.