2016 US Presidential Election – Predictions



2016 Presidential election

It is time for a change; in The White House. A new President will be elected this November 8th 2016. United States of America has become a Super Power over decades, a country which has been through grave periods live the “Civil War”, “Great Depression”; some of the recent events like the “Recession” and the 9/11 Twin Towers tragedy which shook them pulled the ground from under their feet yet they came back hard and stood tall in front of the world.

These triumphant recoveries over all these and several other natural disasters could not be possible without great Presidents like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F Kennedy, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush & Barrack Obama.

USA has been lead by the Republicans, Democrats, Libertarian and popularly known as the Greens. In the past the leaders chosen to lead the country have been either the Republicans or the Democrats ever since 1853.

This winter we will see the 44th president take charge of the country from THE OVAL OFFICE, who would need 270 Electoral Votes to be Elected as The P.O.T.U.S. This current rule we have seen the Democrats bring and sustain America from the dark recession will they be able to continue with their Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton or as per the usual trend will it be the Republicans for them their Presidential nominee is Donald Trump or will it be the other two parties contesting for the post ever since to give America a different perspective these parties would present.

Prediction  for 2016 Presidential Election.

Astrologically, Donald Trump’s planetary position is very favorable presently. He is under the influence of the planet Rahu which is sure to bring fame and success to him and win over his competitors. Undoubtedly due to this influence he may have to face some false allegations too. Nevertheless, Donald Trump seems to have the upper hand and should be able to win the presidency.


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