There is no sign in all of zodiac that will plunge into new 2017 with such power and force like Aries. You will feel like a newborn willing to enjoy world around him, and ready to eliminate all the obstacles with youthful vigor, so characteristic for your sign. Aries are simply looking forward to new challenges! Harder, the better!  You will not shy away from toughest situation, on the contrary, you will simply love to prove that you can go through anything without a scar. During this period without problems, you will simply ask for them! For you it will be a little boring without having to battle for something. Well, let’s just remember, with or without stars, problems are there to leave you with a scar, to remind you of severity of the battle you survived! And, the most important thing- scars make us human beings!


Love in 2017 will be full of passionate feelings (that’s unavoidable if you are Aries), but there
will be some severity there. You may be obsessively assured that you are being cheated on by your partner. Rage scenes between you two will emerge. With Rahu in your fifth house you will have a chance to change circumstances of your relationship. Rahu itself is not too beneficial, but he gives great energy of aggressive quality that is supposed to push us into new life experiences. You are the one deciding what will be the outcome. You can unproductively yell at your partner, throw dishes at your partner or impulsively break up, but there is always a possibility of investing that energy into thinking of best possible solutions for your relationship, during few restless nights.

For those who are alone, there is a new relationship on the horizon. And this will be completely different than anything you tried before. This especially counts for those who get tired of trying to find a proper partner. With this new person, there will be less turbulence and more of good communication. You will fall in love, but you will not lose your head! Although it sounds impossible, this is great recipe for lasting relationship full of understanding between you two.


Aries see career as a battle field where one can prove to be better warrior than anybody and there lays strong attraction that every of them feels toward their career. Money is also important- not for the sake of money, but as another field where one can win over the others. But it won’t be like that during 2017! First of all, you will feel strong need to belong to your professional environment. You will have desire to be equal, to share. Jupiter is in your house of working space, so you will feel expansion of positive feelings towards your working surroundings. You will benefit from this, in sense that people will want to have you in different projects as a main support. There you will enjoy to be in a company of great warrior. And you will also enjoy as a helper and cooperative colleague.

Ketu is in 11th house of retirement, social status and circle, and it will bring something bad form past. If you have ever done something wrong or illegal it will be revealed in the worst possible way- everyone will know it. You are also in danger of every small, long –ago- forgotten shame of yours to be publicly revealed. In order to avoid this, stop gossip and spit on other people behind their backs.


Attention all of you Aries! This year you should actually try to save. Yes, you have read it well!  Don’t worry, your darling will still love you, without that extremely expensive traits! And you girls- well you don’t need a few hundred bucks dress to look beautiful! Your partner and family will appreciate you more if you turn out to be good banker in times of shortcomings. Stars don’t intend shortage during this year for you, which is exactly the reason to hide few banks from yourself! Don’t worry, you will remember the place in urgent situation.


This will be the perfect year for families with little children. You will have good sense of organization and cooperation when it comes to family duties. Your partner will be grateful to you, but it won’t harm if you remind him that you are not the only parent here! If you are single parent, this will be successful year also for you! You will learn some new tricks and tips that will help you in management of your life! In this year, Aries will get to know that they are their own bosses. Ketu is in your 11th house of social relations and you may ruthlessly exclude from your life everyone who isn’t true friend. Superficial relations for the sake of having fun will be broken! You will be in the mood for serious friendships, willing to help, but also to receive support and trust from others.


From period to period you will feel extremely healthy and full of energy or, on the other hand, tired and sleepy. This will happen due to simultaneous impacts of both Jupiter and Saturn. In the beginning of the year you will be in the full strength and health. For those who have substance addiction problems, this will be the perfect timing for rehabilitation! In period from April to June, you will be in danger of anemia, so make sure to eat a lot of beetroot and red fruits. September will be most critical for your health, and we are suggesting you to try meditation in this period. Although it is a little bit difficult to imagine restless Aries meditating, it can indeed make positive impact on your well being.


Performing Mars Homa will help to overcome any negative impact you face during this year 2017

Chanting ” OM KRAM KREEM KRAUM SAH BAUMAYA NAMAH ” 108 times daily will bring peace and happiness in your life



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