Aries horoscope



Birth Dates Range March 20 – April 21
Zodiac Sign Grouping Fire
Characteristic Feature Cardinal
Lucky Colors Red & White
Lucky Days Tuesday
Lucky Numbers 09
Ruled by Mars
Ruled by 1st house
Rules Anatomy Head, teeth, hair, gall bladder (aggressive), musculature
Strengths Willpower, passionate, honesty, and integrity
Weaknesses Aggressive, hotheaded, drama, and opinionated
Likes Spontaneity, leadership, Action, sportsmanship
Dislikes Stalemate, vagueness, patience


Aries meaning “ram” is the first sign on the zodiac wheel; Aries lives in the 1st house – which is the house of ‘self’. Being the first sign of the zodiacs, it also is the first sign out of 3 fire signs, the others being Leo, and Sagittarius.

Aries is our ‘basic mood’ towards life; here we begin to build ourselves, and our ego in the physical world. Knowing that Aries rules the muscular system, here we have our armor to protect what we hide inside ourselves. Having a better understanding of what the ego consists of; like Carl Jung said “the conscious mind as it compresses the thoughts, memories, and emotions a person is aware of”. Here we decide which of ourselves we put front forward… the personality we decide to show, and how our physical make-up we create in this world.

Aries being the ruler of the 1st house, this is the house that reveals how people perceive you and your personality. We all want to show our strongest selves in society, right? Think about the attributes of Aries when putting yourself forward in the world – Headstrong, determined, and independent. Aries is a cardinal sign on the astrological wheel, and individuals born in this sign are able to build towards their goals and get whatever needs to be done efficiently. They have a very active persona and are ready to take on life to the fullest, just as long as they don’t allow their stubborn opinions to get in the way! They are the most willfull out of all the zodiacs, which makes them unbeatable in life. Aries are extremely active and ambitious individuals – always able to begin projects, but they may not always complete what they’ve began. Aries is about the physical makeup, so you can be sure that an Aries individual will always be body-conscious and able to keep themselves in good shape. They will enjoy the challenge, but if they don’t win, their reaction turns silent and their headstrong attitude will always give them the last word. 


When it comes to career for these individuals, they will feel best in an environment that keeps them moving and in shape. They easily put themselves forward and naturally take on responsibilities.. It may seem they will do this for everyone else, but in fact they are doing it for their own well-being. This keeps them on top of the ladder, as they will always want to be front in line in any workplace. Since by nature they take on challenges – you can best bet they will always succeed, this is because they are brave and have unbeatable endurance. Best careers for these individuals is where they can use their headstrong attitude, and vigor for life keeping them in action!


Aries is all about self, so once you put them in love .. they are naturally a little bit self-absorbed, even while they are trying to impress their beloved. They are supreme flirts, and conceal nothing when it comes to attraction. Once they have their eyes set on you, they are fast at making you theirs for that moment; quick to fall in love, they are addicted to the rush. That said their attention span for a long term-relationship is difficult and to keep them in your arms, you need to keep the relationship fresh and new. They adore a bit of challenge, within the courting stage and after… to keep them amused you best be ready for arguments, because tension in a relationship, is how they know the relationship is still lit on fire. Child-like in their approach, they pretend to be innocent in the terms of love, when really they are just so intense. Aries in love, love being spontaneous, active and dynamic – Aries don’t like a vague attitude, coyness and self-pity in a relationship.


An Aries man is about ‘action & desire’ they have an unmistakable drive to go after their goals, and they have the energy to do so. The Aries man can have a bit of a temper when things don’t turn out their way .. their motto is “ my way or the highway” … They are secretly demanding emotionally, because these natives have such a big ego – they tend to conceal the softer side which craves emotional relationship security. Then again they will always think about themselves first, they are not overtly sensitive to others, and people can be quite dispensible to them. An Aries man will always take risks in everything he does, loves the action and change and are not held down easily in relationships or career. An Aries man summed up – he is restless and always ready to win the fight!


The Aries women can have a bit more of a ‘masculine’ air about her, she is not the passive type. These women have a strong sense of power in themselves, and are able to achieve success on all accounts! Naturally full of fire she loves life with all intensity, warm, and passion. Although she is the leader of the pack she does have difficulty differentiating between ‘ needs and wants’ and naturally become agitated because of this overwhelming feeling of ‘ needing everything’. This causes her to be dramatic when the time doesn’t require to be so, and can cause a scene just to get her way… when she is in this state it is very seldom she will feel any concern for anyone else’s needs. Nonetheless she has an unmistakable amount of willpower, zest for life, and will always be able to stand up for what she believes in!

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