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This coming New Year brings before you new opportunities and challenges that will create a difference in your life. It will be a year of overcoming obstacles, problem-solving, learning patience and arriving at goals with a degree of mental clarity. The challenges are thrown before you would make you stronger and bolder. An aggressive and restless phase experienced from July 2017 will get over by February 2018 and you will emerge more patient, calm and with a clearer perspective.

The planetary positions for Aries 2018 indicate a need to strive hard to achieve the desired level of success. Planets have gradually moved away from their stressful alignments and they are actually in positive alignment this year as the wheels of the universe are turning in your favor. There are certain cosmic events which will shape your life due to their effects on the most important areas in the coming year like home, family and domestic interests, emotional issues, spirituality, travel, education, health and work. After September 2018, your greatest fulfillments will be seen in the paths of health, work, finance, love and romance.


Last year was not a strong love year for Aries, but this year, you will see a change by the end of September 2018. Love is definitely happening in your life. Both romance and friendships will bloom. Those tolerating bad experience of love can expect a stable and long-term relationship incorporated with emotional bonding. Single can enter into a new life. They will meet significant people and marriage is likely. With Love Planet Venus in retrograde, your current relationship or current love life will get re-evaluated. You may need to focus on relationship issues, deal with problems in a relationship or just walk away from someone. Jupiter in your 7thHouse of Love and Marriage is a classic signal for romance. This will help you explore the intimacy in your relationships, working to expand the intimacy you share, and forge stronger bonds with those you care most for. You can also grow closer with someone, share the love you feel, and feel inspired by love. Those married will enjoy more romance in their relationship, will attract new friends, attend auspicious events and will probably travel frequently as a couple. Those seeking re-marriage will find someone spiritual and creative and will have wonderful aspects and opportunities.


With blessings of Saturn and Jupiter, you are likely to see good changes and growth throughout the year in your career. This brings great energy to your career, your goals, your life path, and your direction. It may also be a time to bring great focus, discipline, hard work towards what you want in your life. Saturn can force you to work harder and keep you going at various points that you may feel like giving up. Saturn offers great rewards to those who keep going despite unfavorable situations and conditions.  The middle of the year might bring you some setbacks, delays and blocks.  It may be a time to reconsider our plans, and take a different course to achieve your goals. Maintain focus and discipline and do the right things always to achieve great heights.

As much as you want to progress forward, you will face restrictions that will pose hindrances to your efforts. However, you must not lose your cool and rather seize the opportunities ahead and take advantage of them. Your potential will be recognized and your projects will turn out successful. Those in a job will get promoted. Business persons will see success after October 2018. Motivation and guidelines of an experienced person will help you gain a new direction to your business. Jupiter will shower you with prosperity.


This is going to be an excellent year to enjoy financial prosperity. Rahu will bring huge financial gains and you will also make investments in buying a new property, landed asset and costly expensive jewelry. Good inflow of money will consolidate your financial position and enhance your savings potential.  Venus your money planet will move through most of the signs and houses in your horoscope in the year ahead. Financial opportunities will come from a variety of people and from a variety of places. You may earn good returns by investing in share market. However, the period from Mar- July 2018 is crucial in terms of finances when Jupiter will be retrograding. Beware of sudden, excessive expenses.


This will be a very important and challenging area in the year ahead. There will be a great focus here due to Saturn`s placement. It is giving indications of a slight difference of opinion with some family members at home. Saturn will teach you to handle tough emotional issues and family responsibilities with a sole purpose to restructure and reorganize your emotional patterns and the way you handle your moods. From July, you can start getting involved in home improvement projects, redecorating your living space, renovating or remodeling your house, spending more time with your family. You can plan for a family gathering or work on reconnecting to distant loving relatives in your family. You can be nurturing, supportive towards your children and elders at home. Though you will feel tensed and see a few setbacks, you will manage it effectively. Patience and positivity are your best allies during this period.


Saturn will cause stressful health situations.  You will not have the overall energy as you used to have before. This will become even truer after September 2018. Do not tire yourself out. Listen to your body and focus on your well- being. Apart from physical activity and mental work, indulge in practices of relaxation and mindfulness to achieve a tranquil state of mind. You need to be careful about depression and learn to manage your emotions well. Repressed feelings can lead to depressive state of mind and health ailments. Learn to release your negative thoughts and emotions. Pay attention to your diet.

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