Sensitive souls of Cancer rising signs will definitely get stronger during 2017! This will be more of an action year for you! You will have chance to stand for yourself and finally get rid of everything that has been suffocating you in some way. Some of you will definitely conclude that your life is not anyone else’s property but yours! You will enjoy independence more than ever and people will also regard you as a person worth of every respect.


This is the year of karmic sexual attraction. You will definitely meet somebody from previous life that used to cause a lot of butterflies in your belly. Well, in this life it will be almost the same. Strong, reciprocal attraction will connect you instantly. If you are married or in relationship, this may cause an unpleasant situation that will last for some time. Some of you will be courageous enough to jump into a dangerous affair, that won’t end up favorably for you. If you are single, great passionate relation is guaranteed. But, after passion subsides, you will wake up in strange reality where you don’t share with your lover anything except bed. You two will not have many things in common. Voices will arise and big arguments will follow. Try to solve this in peaceful manner. When karmic person appears, it is because of solving problems that haven’t been solved in the past. Be careful not to get blind with your sexual desire. You may indeed become blind and miss really valuable person that could be real relationship possibility.


You will be generally in the mood of self-improvement and that will reflect into all areas of life, including career.  You will have desire to expand your knowledge, to get the advice from your superiors and to cooperate with your colleagues in order to make pleasant working atmosphere. Your positive attitude will be noticed, and people will appreciate you more than ever.  Due to Saturn in 6th house, it will definitely be period of overnight stays at work, and the feeling of tiredness will be unavoidable.  But instead of feeling that job is taking your life away, there will be a lot of calm joy that comes with order and responsibility. Some of less successful colleagues will deem you too ambitious and they may gossip about you a bit. There will be a danger that someone slanders you to your superiors.


Due to Rahu being in your 2nd house, big oscillations with money will be happening. You will feel euphorically powerful due to constant unexpected gains, so there will be a sense of easiness in you. On the other hand, you will go through great losses that will make you feel extremely furious. You may earn a big sum in one day and lose it soon the next day! Lottery, gambling and betting should be avoided!  There will always be a danger of careless overspending. You may feel a bit greedy with ongoing desire for things you don’t actually need. Saving will cause you boredom and you will definitely have difficulties with it.


Some of you will have great argument with one close sibling or friend.  That person made great support and friend years ago, but change will occur in the following year.  It may happen due to big differences between the two of you, or it may turns out that this person doesn’t want you any good.  If you are a parent, you may discover that your children are too different from you, and disappointment will follow. This especially counts for parents with children in critical periods like beginning of high school or university. You may feel betrayed if they choose options that are a big “no” for you. Maybe it is the time to learn something from your children, instead. This will be ideal period to become aware of differences that should be enriching, not conflict-triggering.  You should also be fully aware of your own failures in life. Your kids are not here to set that right. They are here to make their own failures and successes.


You should take care when it comes to your hips and legs.  Be careful while walking and doing exercises.  Due to strong presence of Saturn in your 6th house of health you will probably feel strange on physical as well as on the mental level.  You may suddenly become worried when it comes to your overall health and some of you will find themselves doing all kind of analysis. We strongly recommend avoiding red meat, and strong cheese.



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