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Birth Dates Range June 22 – July 22
Zodiac Sign Grouping Water
Characteristic Feature Cardinal
Lucky Colours Silver
Lucky Days Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
Lucky Numbers 08, 03
Ruled by Moon
Ruling House 4th
Rules Anatomy Stomach, breasts, mucus membranes, ovaries, uterus, fluid balance in general
Strengths Intuitive, emotional, protective
Weaknesses Manipulative, insecure, clingy
Likes Comfort, Food, and family
Dislikes Detachment, Hostility, Aloofness



Cancer is ruled by the house of home representing where we come from, the core of ourselves, our emotions, and our past. Cancer is associated with the Moon, making these individuals powerful and touching like the tides of the ocean. Cancer’s are most known for their nurturing attitude, they naturally take on the role of the parent out of a group, and have a knack for knowing all the recipes of life; this is derived from their innate intuition. Like the crab all Cancers have a shell they wear to protect themselves from being taken advantage by the people around them. It’s very common for these individuals to take on too much of other people’s problems. Same goes for romantic relationships, they can easily fall into the ‘caretaker’ role instead of a romantic one. These Cancer native have a dark side to them that they suppress to make sure everyone to happy… but when it bottles up too much they explode with a crying tantrum! These extremely emotional creatures secretly hope for the same care that they give others. As they are the home of the zodiac, they yearn for the same emotional comfort for being care for, and loved. It is important to remember that Cancers are the mothers in the zodiac, are always there to take care of you as well they have a recipe for everything… but just remember to give them the alone time they need to recharge, and never forget about the needs they never express; as they are hard on the outside but soft on the inside.


Cancers in career will have a long road ahead of them, as they need to find a connection in what they do, and connect with others at the same time. It is easy for them to be accepted in any work environment, as they are very likeable and people trust them. Naturally taking on more than they should no matter what their job is at the time, they understand that work demands lots of devotion, so they can deal with the trials and tribulations. Throughout their careers they will deal with rejection, which will make them go back home and hide in their shells for a while. Once they feel emotionally stable once again, they will seek out new employment where they can feel connected with others and understood.

Cancers have a knack for knowing food, so cooking is a likely career option for them, as well very artistic they need to express themselves in their chosen vocation – this is how they let the life of steam out as well. Their watery nature gives with an ocean of options, as they are loved and appreciated in any environment!


Cancers wish for a relationship that is strong and committed. They are sensitive, and needs to know they have a partner they can nest with. To them a home is surrounded by emotional love and comfort, which they are always able to give to their loved ones. They tend to pick up on their partner’s emotional reactions, and disregard words more easily. Cancers demand a lot of affection from their lover; this is how they know they’re being appreciated for everything they do, as they are extremely thoughtful for all their lovers. Since they have a soft nature, it can be difficult for them to avoid picking up on everyone else’s feelings in the room; this is why it’s important to understand a Cancer individual first before laying down all your emotional issues on them. Being in a romantic partnership with them can be full of predictability, this is because they are about needs not wants – they always make sure that the necessities are taken care of. An ideal date for these would be a drive in movie, or a day at the beach with their beloved. As they do need a lot of romantic alone time to feel understood and loved. They dream about having a big family, and they are capable of making this dream come true. They have a sixth sense on how to make life into what they desire. Cancer in love, love dinners, cuddles, companionship with their partners – Cancers don’t like Flakiness, being unappreciated, and forgotten by their beloved.


A Cancer man has the most manic personality out of the zodiacs, as he doesn’t have much control over his reactions. He is over-sensitive and seeks a partner who will stand with him and understand these needs he has difficulty expressing. Dealing with a Cancer man you may have to put up with passive-aggressive behavior if he is unhappy with something in his life… but he can’t handle that same treatment as he feels neglected easily without any affection and appreciation. When these men are in good spirits, they are that traditional man who dreams of having a big family on holiday trips, as he is helpful, dependable, and protective of his loved ones. If you can handle their watery nature, and be as much as building block as they are you will have a life full of devotion and love.


Cancer women are in touch with their feelings, and can touch others easily with their emotional giving nature. These women look for security in their lives. They have an amazing memory, and will never forget any good or bad doing in their lifetime. They are prone to hold on to things that no longer serve them, these crabs aren’t big fans of change, and once they make a comforting home they expect to stay there. Nevertheless these women have a unique outlook on life, and their sense of humour will always express it – although the most moody, they are extremely faithful, and loving. These ladies will always make sure that everyone else’s needs are taken care before theirs, and will look for companions who have the same ideals. Lovely women that they are will always be reliable, sensible, and are full of comfort.

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