cancer horoscope


This year will bring you a new level of optimism and positivity. The planets Saturn and Jupiter will present you with various new opportunities of growth and development. You can expect to see much luck and fortune on your way. Your confidence levels will be enhanced and harmony will prevail all through the year. The favorable planetary positions are likely to bring success in professional and financial front. You can look forward to a year with wonderful experiences. Cancerians will be able to accomplish great things in their career and in personal lives.

The emotional Cancer sign ruled by Moon stands for people with intuitive and protective nature. They can be very sympathetic and a great company to be with. In a negative mood, they can be indecisive and moody. The Cancer horoscope indicates that in 2018, Cancer natives should maintain a sense of balance. By being balanced, they can channel their energy to bring out their strong traits that can benefit all those around them.


The beginning of 2018 would witness a significant upheaval in their love life. Strong and embracing relationships will be developed over the first six months of 2018. After June, your dreams of love will come alive in vibrant and compelling ways. With your ability to give yourself that helps you to nurture and empower will lead you to have emotional and passionate relationships. Love is likely to be intertwined within close friendships. You will experience harmony in relationships due to the positive influence of Venus.

Those married would find problems if they are impatient and fault-finding. Exercising control over emotions and words will help to bring peace and stability in relationships. As relationship and love matter a lot to Cancerians, they would go to any extent to make their partner happy.  Single and unattached would find wonderful opportunities to find love in their lives. Married people may find turbulence as affections between them would be much too unstable for long-term commitments. Some may not be able to weather the storm and marriage could be dissolved. It will be a time to look inward and assess their own attitudes and behavior to find answers to these disturbing situations in their life and work hard to change their script.


This year promises career growth. As the year progresses, your horizons will expand, obstacles in the way of success will be shattered. With plenty of opportunities, you will be able to accomplish your long –cherished goals. The planetary alignment will make Cancerians adopt a mindset of decisiveness and empowered with this ability they will be able to solve difficult problems at the workplace. It will strengthen their communication skills that will make them highly confident, energetic and persuasive. Some can expect a hike in their salary.

However, you may face some disturbances affecting your progress due to Saturn`s position in the sixth house. You need to remain strongly motivated and develop patience to see positive results. There may be some issues faced due to seniors at the workplace which needs to be handled with patience and tact. Avoid unwanted arguments and egoistic tussles. From the months of September to December, you need to take time out to focus, assess your strengths, review and prepare the ground for future successes. Change of place or relocation is likely to happen this year.


This year 2018 will make finances a major priority in your life. This period is for getting your financial house in order by reorganizing and restructuring your financial life. This is a time for wealth building and earning your wealth. Jupiter moving through your fourth house will bestow fortunes. Planets seem to be aligned perfectly and favorably to fulfill your aspirations. There will be a good supportive time enjoyed in acquisition of wealth. By May, you will be able to make steady progress towards your financial goals. The month of august will be favorable to strike bargains or make a purchase of landed property. The first half of the year may bring unwanted expenditure which you need to handle effectively. You would also see a good inflow of money by way of real estate deals and through legacy. Renovating your home could involve unwanted heavy expenditure.


Major changes are likely to happen at domestic front. Home and family matter most to Cancerians and with Jupiter in the 4th house, this interest will be greater than ever. They will be entering a new phase in their life and will enjoy an overall family support and loving care. Family circles will get enlarged due to births or marriage this year. There will be prosperity in the family and it could be perhaps a fortunate sale or purchase of a house. Renovation of house is possible during this period. You will truly appreciate your family and friends. However, there will be certain misunderstandings between family members that need to be resolved through dialogue and reconciliation. Avoid taking sides and holding to grudges as it may not pave way for domestic harmony. Letting go will help peace flow into the troubled state of affairs.


You might take greater interest in health, diet, self-care this year. January will be an ideal time to focus on health issues. Your emotions will be affecting your general state of well-being. This year you need to focus on finding and working of an undeniable link between your state of mind and your physical health. Bring equilibrium into your life through regular exercises, breath control practices and mindfulness. This helps you to grow stronger and empowered through your body. Doing charitable works, practicing generosity can help you find your true inner strengths and attract divine blessings. For inner and outer peace, remain contented with what you have.


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