Capricorn rising signs will be more relaxed and open for new experiences than ever. This year will pass relatively smoothly for you. You should use this year to maximize fun and minimize stress and hard thinking.  In this year you will experiment with possibilities life offers. You will try to make best of your current state. But you should remember, you can’t enjoy alone!  Getting maximum from this life, means getting maximum from people and relations with them. So, you should be openhearted for others and every door will be open for you!

When it comes to Saturn transit that will shake all of the zodiac signs, in one way or another, Capricorns restrictions will be placed in 12th house. Saturn will move into this house of secrets, hospitals, prisons and prohibitions. This may cause great psychological sensitivity. You will be more compassionate and worried than usual. 12th house is also house of subconscious, so you will be unavoidably getting massages from Saturn here.


Well, you may find new love at completely unexpected places! And it will be of those “at the first sight”.  You may fall in love in places far away from home. For religious ones, there is a strong possibility of meeting soulmate on some pilgrimage or in front of some monastery in foreign country. Or you may move abroad with your current partner because of better job opportunities. Anyway, this year will be associated with new, exciting circumstances when it comes to love. 

Rahu is in your 8th house, so you will feel great sexual energy. You will have desire to change partners or, at least, experiment a little bit. You will literary shine with sexual energy and, in that way, you will be extremely attractive to the opposite sex. Ideas of one night stands with complete strangers will suddenly seem very attractive. You will find dangerous situations very stimulating. Woman will fall for some bad guys! Anyway, be careful not to enter into some problems! You can try instead to direct that reinforced energy into some creative process. Good results will be guaranteed!


For those who are artists, 2017 will be the year of great inspiration! If you are writer, dancer, painter, musician, you will definitely draw great enjoyment from your work. This will be period of great ideas and unceasing improvisations!

On the other hand, administrative and office workers will find themselves bored more than ever. Some will leave the job, and those who lose it, will be even glad for it. Anyway, you will be ready to begin new life, the one that fits closer to your real, innate needs. For those who are searching job, good opportunities will start to arise in September. You may have sudden ideas of “perfect business” that may seem risky to  your friends and family. But Jupiter will be your protector, even in unlucky situations. Of course, crazy plans and risky job leaves, may negatively impact some other fields of your life, like your relationship and family life.


Ketu being in your 2nd house doesn’t make things easiest for you. As Ketu has maleficent nature, be careful not to be stolen by somebody. This year can be especially harsh for gamblers. Even those who gamble just for fun, will be under some danger. One of the main things that Ketu brings are debts from past lives. Ketu signifies events that will unavoidably happen during this life. It is a warning. So, this is the time for debts to be paid, literary or figuratively. Some old acquaintances to whom you owe something for a long time, will suddenly appear and they “will want it all and want it now.” For those who are into some illegal actions, this will be especially tricky period. But this is not supposed to make you nervous, it’s just one of the life’s lessons! Everything must be paid off.


Saturn will finally exit from your 11th house of social circle, so if there was any kind of tension in your social relationships, it will finally disappear. You will be eager to go out more and renew some relations with old friends. Meeting with new people can become every day habit, at some point. But, if you have enemies, be careful! They will be stronger and more willing to harm than ever.

When it comes to family, this will be perfect year to reconcile with people, you had tensions with. This especially counts if you have some conflicts with family of your partner. If some crisis occurs, this year is the year of unexpected helpers. Friends that seemed a little bit reckless before, will turn out to be better.


Capricorns can expect to be more sensitive to climate changes than ever. This is due to innate sensitiveness, that will be awaken by Saturn in 12th impact. You will be able to predict forecast by your body, which will definitely be kind of fun! But don’t hesitate to be overprotective when it comes to your throat.  You will find nature, extremely beneficial for your health.  In order to avoid over-sensitivity you should meditate in the fresh air with clear look towards sky, especially in the summer.



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