With 2017 Gemini rising sign will sail into some extremely exciting water that will enable them to really enjoy themselves in their way. Mysteries of life, new people, travels, good finances – all of that awaits for you in the following year.  You know, better than any other sign, that life is full of duality, actually we could say –life itself is unity of dualities. So it will kind of naturally occur to you to accept problematic aspects of this year, which will, honestly, be pure rarity.


In the beginning of 2017, Saturn will enter your 7th house of partnerships and marriage. Saturn transits are never easygoing and they inevitably leave us with some marks, but not necessarily bad ones. For example it can be a “mark” in the shape of the wedding ring on your finger! Yes, dear Gemini’s, some of you will finally say “yes”!  Saturn means seriousness and when it comes to marriage and partnership it can be very good thing! Some of seemingly eternal bachelors will mutate into man completely devoted to “one and only” woman of their life. If you are in this group, we can guarantee that, by the summer of 2017, you will be deep into wedding plans, while your friends will be watching you with disbelief. Others will simply become more serious when it comes to relationship issue. Relaxed and easygoing Gemini will act in strict manner, and every relation that lacks deep meaning and understanding will be dumped.  You will be in the mood of moving your relationships to the next level. Some crisis may occur, but crisis is kind of necessary trigger for the change. Don’t you agree?   


All in all, this is not supposed to be the year of big ups and downs when it comes to your career. You may accept an offer to work abroad or on the other side of the country, which can negatively affect your family relations. In the first half of the year you will not be extremely devoted worker, but you will have lots of luck- your superiors will let you pass with anything, due to loving your charms and easygoing manner. Summer will be perfect period for those who are planning to open a new business. Generally speaking, this will be the perfect year to earn from your hobbies. For those who are seriously into some arts, there will be many chances to sell handworks or publish a book. If you are secretly good singer who uses this talent only under the shower, this is finally time to go out of the bathtub with the full glow of your voice.  You will be surprised when you discover that it can actually be your profession!


Money’s in the houses, accounts, wallets and pockets of Gemini in 2017! Although you will not have direct problems when it comes to money, some of the people in your closest circle may try to take advantage of you. While it is a good thing to have money and to give hand to others, it may turns out that some of your friends are actually only friends of your money. Be careful not to end up disappointed. This will be good year for everyone who is into stock market!


Jupiter in Virgo stays in your 4th house of primary family most of the year, which means that your relations with parents and siblings will go smoothly. They will be of great support to you.  Your partner will suddenly start to adore your mother, and your kids will vote your parents as the best grandparents ever. Home atmosphere will be literally like in those movies with perfect big family chatting together in front of table full of foods prepared with love.  If you are in your middle years and have old parents, they will have trust in you when it comes to great family matters.  You may find yourself solving problems and helping to others in a way which will give you confidence and pleasure for being trustworthy and responsible family member.

Some of you will make a great bond with professor, therapist or guru. You will be attracted to people that are kind of counselors to you, and you will enjoy many philosophical discussions with new friend. Ketu is in your ninth house and it brings you people from past lives that were life guiders for you, in some way.


Your health will definitely be better than in 2016! Saturn will leave your 6th house, and it will bring good functioning of your energy systems. Your bodily functions will be doing great, but be careful when it comes to mental health. Aspects will give you special sensitivity when it comes to substance abuse! If you are prone to alcohol or drugs, it can have seriously negative impact on you during 2017.



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