The Leo 2017 predictions say, Leo rising sign will be closer to the Sun more than ever! Power and freedom will be your words this year.  You will be capable and competent of doing anything!  Or at least, you will feel like it. While this can give you easiness and self-confidence, it can also be a little bit irritating to your surroundings. Nevertheless, energy will simply shine from you and enable you to stay satisfied and goal- oriented through the year.  Negative side could be your impulsiveness and you may be in situation to lose valuable friendship or partnership. You will be calmer and you will have more realistic insight into your strengths and weaknesses.


The Leo Horoscope 2017 predicts, this year will be tumultuous year when it comes to love life. Ketu will be in 7th house of partnership most of 2017, and Saturn is entering 5th house of affairs. Passionate affairs, noisy breakups and conciliations, changing of partners, everything is in the pack for you! Due to Saturn in the 5th house, you will not be sure what you actually want from your partner. You won’t know how to behave and what should be your next step. Because of that, your active nature will make sure to undertake all of possible solutions. Anyway, feeling that you are missing something will always be present. That happens due to being completely separated from your true self and your real desires.  Some of you will have to make tough choices between safe but boring choice and risky but exciting one. Be careful what you want, because at the end of the year you may feel disappointed and tired of it all.  Our advice is to always hold a little bulb of reason turned on. You may fall in love like crazy, but if you are not teenager ask yourself if you can imagine living with that person. At the end, it could be just passion. Ketu will move to 6th house after July 2017 and leave you with some good and some bad choices, but you will be free from strong karmic influences.


The 2017 Leo horoscope says that, Jupiter is in the second house of finances and material, so this is supposed to bring you a lot of money from the work. Year will be full of bonuses, or some salary increase may happen.  You will be able to make bigger investments that you were planning for a longer period. If you have kids, you will suddenly start planning good quality schools and travels for them. Jupiter is benevolent planet of expansion, so you will be extremely generous and you may find yourself donating to humanitarian actions or buying food to homeless from the corner. You will be in the mood for sharing but be careful not to lose track with reality! At the end, money doesn’t fall from the sky.


The 2017 Leo horoscope predicts that, due to Rahu impact on the 1st house you will be full of self-confidence and that will affect your approach to work.  Your partners will want to have you as a lead in many projects and people will look upon you as trustworthy person. Danger lies in difference between what you look like and what you really are. In order to successfully accomplish jobs and justify your status, you will also have to make some effort. Planets are here to encourage us, but final deeds are ours. By the way, with Rahu, which gives enormous energy in the 1st house, no effort can really drain you. With investment into self-development, you will feel even better!


The Leo 2017 family and friends horoscope forecast says, due to Saturn in your 5th house, you will be severe parent! Your kids will finally learn how to respect you. You will cope with every problem without raising your voice. There will be atmosphere of discipline in the house. Women will not get tired of house work, your family will be extremely obedient and do everything you command. Your partner will be surprised and she/he will look upon you in awe.  But be careful, not to lose tender bond with your kids. While you will be in the mood of bossy behavior which requires discipline from the others, your family may not know what is hidden behind your facade. At the end of year you may withdraw from constant socializing.


The 2017 for LEO is critical period is the first half of the year. Be careful when it comes to urinary tract and reproductive health. You will need a lot of rest during this period, although you may not feel like it. But rest well, you are feeling over-energized due to Rahu’s impact in the first house. When it moves back, you will feel extremely tired if you don’t take proper steps.



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