aquarius horoscope

A new seed is planted Aquarius, and you are now ready to begin your new path ahead of you…Blessed by destiny they are presenting you all the tools – you will be attracting many new admirers, and they will want a piece of this power that you possess in the coming months. Remember to have good judgment for those you decide to share with, furthermore come this Summer you will be the master in your creative field. No need to rush at this point – all is within divine timing. 

Business and Career

You are now completing an old cycle and transformations are taking forth. These changes are blessings from the Universe, and now planting seeds that will keep you fulfilled for years to follow. Remember now on this new path you need to show the light inside of you and bring it out, nothing can fail if you are up to the task.

Love and Relationships

At the beginning of the month, you will be taking part of unusual social gatherings, and conversations that will change your perspective on topics close to you. This will create some confusion within yourself and your ego – questioning if people view you on the way you feel. For the month of May you will be desiring confirmation from your peers that they know you; by the end of the month you will have gained the attention you’ve been looking for. Your presence will be strong, and powerful among a variety of organizations.   


All these positive changes in your career are making your bank account have a happy change as well. Wishes will be fulfilled when it comes to finances this month, as long as your keep your work ethic steady. Near the end of the month, many prospects will be available to you; you will be sitting on top happy with where you stand. 


Destiny is guiding you at this time and leading towards your blessed fortune you have ahead of you. You need to remember to make your decisions slowly, and have clear discernment towards the groups of people around you. Moreover you will be questioning yourself image, and if it’s clearly communicating to whom you are on the inside. Let others see this true self inside of you in order for them to understand. You have many celebrations ahead for you Aquarius, the only way to get there is to reveal the inner secret that you enchant.