capricorn horoscope

Capricorn there are changes happening around you, and tons of communication coming at you. It will be difficult to keep your own head in mind during this point, because you don’t really know whose head is who … The wheel is turning for you, but if all is illusory the wheel will land upside down. Keep steady, and continue to nurture your goals … You’re on the right path at this point, but they will be testing your integrity – find time to meditate to rediscover yourself on your own. 

Business & Career

The major transformations in your career already passed, but now these energies will present themselves once again in the next months. Keep in mind if there were any actions you wished you would of done differently before, now you will have the chance to do so. You should know that you are on the right true path, but much of the journey is still hidden from you … Keep yourself in control and your eyes clear, don’t make any vast decisions…. Then your future will be abundant and full.

Love and Relationships

At this time you are going through your relationships blindly, but chained to the idea that something new will give you a developed self-image. You are currently going through a major transformation – a type of death, looking for new groups to belong to. You naturally attract many admirers, but you need to know that not all of them are genuine and true. Take the time and go into meditation – clearly see who are your true friends and loved ones, only then this burden will upheaval. 


For the month of September, your finances will be linked to how much you communicate. For the past months your finances have been quite comfortable, and are going to stay that way. More opportunities are coming at you even some that are unusual – you will need to keep a healthy balance between self and work. By the end of three moon phases you will be soaking in the Sun. 


Emotionally you’ve been hiding from yourself, and letting your ego take you over. This hidden behavior is even making others question who you are at this time – stop sneaking around. Since you are hidden from your true self now, at times you may have a critical attitude towards your future. Make peace, everything is about to change … Just reveal who you truly are on the inside and out.