gemini horoscope

You are the empress this month, surrounded with beauty, and ready to give love. You have so much to offer, all knowing for good health, home comforts, creativity, and intimacy. The universe is asking you to share this, but have discernment in the process. It is very possible many people will be coming in and out of your home, it is time to say no to the unwanted characters, and then you can be truly victorious. Furthermore it is time to reveal your power to your friends, you can do this all with communication, people will begin to see the real you – a unstoppable individual. 

Business and Career

This month you will have work on the mind… you’ve been feeling frustrated that people don’t really know how much you do, and it’s because you secretly work on projects, but don’t show anyone your efforts. By the end of the month come June, it is time for you to present yourself of who really are – “a working force in nature”. The universe wants you to bring balance in your life, and is helping you get there … Look in between the lines, and pay attention to conversations you will be having this month… communication is bound to reveal the real you, and you will be feeling good about this. 

Love and Relationships

At the beginning of the month you will be feeling really mushy about your romantic relationships, and even have marriage on your mind. You will be desiring more romantic night outs with your beloved, and imagining the stars above you. You need to let your partner know how you’re feeling, and not conceal this, else you won’t get what you wish. On the contrary your loved one will be feeling social, and wanting large parties, this conflict will annoy you. The two of you will have to clearly communicate to find a balance, and make peace together. 


Finances are looking prosperous, you are able to afford all the comforts. You will be expanding your mind at this time, but you don’t feel like physically expanding yourself. This month you may be hosting some parties, make sure it’s with good friends who appreciate your efforts – you have lots to offer, and people can see this. Only allow genuine company in your home, this will bring good luck and the change you desire. Time to weed out bad people who are after your tranquility. A very generous individual, only share your abundance with real friends, then a real celebration can occur. 


Health is a major this month, but more in regards to your work field. It is very possible you work in health and fitness, but you’ve been feeling a bit blocked about your next step, but you should know that you are on the right path. Remember that it is only natural to have moments of confusion.. Later in the month a blessed event will present itself – this will unblock the energy of confusion. Moreover for your actual health you be likely and prone to the ideas of alternative homeopathic remedies, you will be learning about this, and using it in your everyday.