leo horoscope

This month you have your eye on the future, and you are ready to expand yourself. You will be holding onto your coins, and only making investments that count. Beware of any sneaky behavior around, and carefully read any contracts that may come to you. Furthermore, love at the beginning of the month could be a bit rocky, and lots of clear communication will need to be made. If you are able to make these compromises, you and your loved one will be at the beginning of a thriving new future together – many blessings ahead with patience, and strategy.

Career and Business

Business is favorable this September 2018, especially if you own a business within the family. It is very possible this month you could begin a new venture with a loved one this month, there is many blessings centering around this. If you are about to sign any contracts, please go through them carefully and take your time to make any big decisions. For business and career the stars are beginning to collide your home life, and family life together as one. Slow growth brings bountiful fruits…A new partnership or business deal is in the making. 

Love and Relationships

At the beginning of the month, there will be some sort of miscommunication that will happen with your loved ones to watch out for – there will be a bit of a shadow with love and relationships this month. If you’re looking for love that will have to wait until the end of the month, and beginning of June. If you are already in a partnership there will have to be compromises that need to be made this month in regard to your future – if you do follow through you will have very romantic days to follow. 


This month you will begin to look at the coins you have in your pockets, and strategically organize your finances. It looks as though you are craving distant travel, and would like to finally give yourself a new perspective of the world. Moreover it’s possible that you are looking at investment abroad – this is really about “how can you expand yourself financially?”  Like I said, you are calculated and organized this month to further yourself. What you are spending is only going to practical investment and good use. 


Health is looking good this month, you will be in high spirits! You will be feeling more imaginative than usual, and being with friends will benefit you to take advantage of this elevated energy. Since you will be investing, and looking at your future – beware not to accidentally close down opportunities that present itself right in front of you. There are choices that need to be made, but go with the flow and use your visionary mind to lead you in the right direction this September 2018.