libra horoscope

This month Libra, you will attract many groups – they are curious about you! Once you begin to share what is truly going on with you, they may not quite understand where you are at just yet. Don’t be discouraged! You need to learn how to communicate your thoughts and ideas clearly to the people around you, and then in the future working collectively will be an option. For now you are the entrepreneur, making the way for others. This will be slow growth, because it’s only the beginning – take action and transform these old ways, but remember to keep your mind clear in the process. 

Business and Career 

Work is looking unusual … your work/career is changing and you’re trying to communicate this transformation clearly to those around you. By mid-month you will get so frustrated … you may have to watch your temper. This change will affect you emotionally, but from others perspective they will only see it as a outward alteration. You need to let this reworking over take you, but the process will be disheartening. You are at the end of a phase, and at the beginning of a new one. Work hard, and let the changes happen – this is meant to be. 

Love and Relationships

In September you will have a magnetic attraction, that will be full of fruition for months to come. Eros of romance are coming for you, and you will accept it openly. You will be standing out with your beloved, and surrounded with affection. Happiness in relationships is here for you Libra, this looks like true love! 


There is a setback financially coming for you within the next month’s Libra, as well as many of the other signs are experiencing this. This is lesson our society needs to learn at this time to make a stronger foundation and an equal income for everyone in the future. Knowing this, while you’re making changes in your work sphere, remember to make the changes in your budget as well. If you keep your bank account in balance, than you won’t have to worry so much. 


Your thoughts and ideas will be more eccentric and innovative than usual at this time. You will have difficulties communicating your vision to others, and this will create conflict in yourself with your creative field. Take the time and work on your projects alone, your mind and heart are in the right place. Just introduce these new concepts to the world slowly…. the way you communicate them is key. Remember not to lose confidence, you may understand your work, but the world may not be quite ready just yet – give it time.