sagittarius horoscope

Sagittarius, the month of September is destiny revealing itself and placing golden steps in your pathway. Take the time to yourself and clearly visualize where these steps are guiding you – intuition is key this spring. Every conversation, action, event will play a key role in leading you in the right direction. Although not everything will be picturesque quite yet, as long as you have sincerity in yourself towards others at this time, you can be sure that there is happiness waiting for you at the end of the road. 

Business and Career

At the beginning of the month you will see the patterns of your destiny… You’re on your true path, and you feel it intuitively. At this time you will be blessed with feminine creativity surrounding your every move ~ Beauty in the arts is your essence at this time, reveal this ability it will make you stand out from all the rest. Remember as long as you’re balanced and make the right choices, you can follow your fortune – nothing can go wrong. 

Love and Relationships

There is a karmic relationship happening in your life at this time Sagittarius. Many wounds are coming up in order to make this relationship work or even fully come together this spring. Transformations are to be had, and it is all a part of the process for spiritual growth. As you learn the steps of accepting the people that surround you and yourself. Then you will learn what unconditional love means.  You will be blessed with true love in the coming months after this lesson is learned.   


There’s a transformation happening with money in your life, and communication is playing a large role with the struggle of earned income. It is time to be creative, and accept the opportunities that are coming forth for you. You may be feeling a bit mentally confused this month finding balance between your passions vs. daily work … You need to know that although there may be a financial flux in the month of September, that you need to keep your eyes open for opportunities that your passion will reveal to you. As well be creative to keep your finances in check and in the positive. 


You may be having lots of vivid dreams at this time, and some of these dreams could be nightmares keeping you awake at night. You’re causing yourself much stress, with ideas that do not exist quite yet.. Impatiently waiting for everything to come to culmination. The best advice for you now is to let go – let go of the end point, and gradually move along where you are guided at this time. Meditate and find some time alone to visualize your next move, then go back out in the world and see what happens!