scorpio horoscope

This September is the beginning of three months to follow…. You will have a headstrong attitude that can be used for active matters or wasteful – so keep track of yourself. Now is the time to show people who you truly are, and what you know. There is a new career path you’ve been working on, and people will begin to see how much success you truly possess in this future. This month’s main energy is about you showing the truth to your audience, and receiving the respect you deserve as the royalty you rightfully are. 

Business and Career

This month you will be powerful like a true lion, and from others viewpoints full of strength. There is an emotional change within your work this spring, feeling like now is the time to walk away from what career field no longer is serving you…. For the past few months you’ve been working on a different project. Now this venture will begin to blossom, and you will be able to openly exchange your work with others – feeling emotionally fulfilled. This September you now will begin to understand why you need to show your true self in order to have a successful career path in the next months. 

Love and Relationships

Relationships aren’t your main focus this month, but you will be feeling a bit rocky. This could mainly be coming from not feeling appreciated for how much you’ve learned, and how knowledgeable you really are. There may me a lack of support from your loved ones, and you need to speak the truth to them so they can listen. By the end of the next three months your loved ones and acquaintances will see how abundant you truly are within your surroundings, and the success level you’ve obtained in your field. 


There will be a slow change in your finances beginning in September over the next months. If you don’t want to lose money, now is the time to start keeping track of your earnings vs. what you’re spending. Although advice is to be had at this time…. You may be forgetting what is ahead of you, and you will be holding onto your money too tight. Remember you need a balance of give and take, and not to forget that at the end of this “lower financial stage” you will have in this month, following three months there is a blessing from the Universe. 


Feeling headstrong this month, you’ve got your eyes set on a big goal. You will have lots of energy, but you may be using it in a precarious manner. This month you may feel a bit held back in your forward movement, which will result in anxious tendencies… Beware not to use your vitality for wasteful use, and try to have the patience to keep focus on your goals. You need to learn how to control your emotions at this time, and learn how to keep a handle on yourself. If you do so… come the next months you will be able to show yourself and your work with a respectable nature.