taurus horoscope

It is time to stop sulking at your garden – A storm is brewing up for you this September and rain is bound to fall. Your garden will grow, but you need to open yourself up for this transformation. There are great things bound to happen once you allow the change to occur.. Choices will need to be made this month, and you could be saying goodbye to old relationships. Remember that what is leaving you no longer serves you, and it is better to speak the truth than to sneak away… The right path is right in front of you…. don’t be cautious. At the end of the path there is clear water, mountains, and the bountiful garden you’ve been dreaming of.

Business and Career

You will be slowly walking down the right path towards your happiness. This month you will be aware of what happened in your past, and knowing that where you are going is where you are meant to be. Blessed with creativity and intuitive beauty this September, your ideas will be innovating and life changing. Surround yourself with friends and groups, exchange in communication will make all the more success for your future. As you are walking, you will see your destiny coming closer – completion is soon.

Love and Relationships

This month you will become aware of a toxic relationship that no longer serve you, it is time to speak the truth to yourself, and begin transformation. There will be a major shift in relationships and for better or worse a change is bound to happen. You’ve been here once before, and you can now clearly see the patterns …  Destiny is coming in, and is handing you the brightest star – A change is happening in your heart – it is the time to accept this growth and expand yourself – you will be guided during the process.


Actual financial stress, won’t be the major concern this month – you will mainly be filling headstrong and desiring to have completion in your life. By the end of the month you could be travelling, and perhaps even looking for a new place to call home. There will be a major choice presented to you (that would have you looking at your bank account) Life is asking you to make the change, and feel confident about it – For some this alteration could definitely include new residence and for other’s  going out more and seeing what is available to you will present many new opportunities – go with the flow, don’t think too much.


This September you are a bit frustrated that all your efforts, haven’t seemed to fully bloomed yet – and you consistently are asking why? – Ruled by your emotions and this time, and feeling a bit insecure about the process… Know that by the middle of the month there will be a bang that will force action into you life. Don’t be scared, and communicate the truth – don’t hide in your emotions too much, let out how you feel so the best of what’s coming to you will flying in. Like I said, change for you is happening this month, you need to let go – and then the flowers will begin to bloom.