virgo horoscope

Your overall energy this month is to let yourself free. For many months now you’ve been holding back the truth from everyone and even yourself…. Can you ask yourself why? Everything you’re holding back is tying you up, and creating unnecessary mental anguish – you need to let go of old ideas that have been keeping you emotionally safe in the passed months. If you want to let go of this conflict you feel inside yourself, then you need start communicating with others, and putting yourself out there. There is a big new opportunity waiting to come in, let go of this attitude that no longer serves you… come Summer the star you’ve been gazing at will become the sun.

Business and Career

The work you’ve been doing is very close to your heart, and feels that it is meant to be something great …Although it’s not quite yet gained the recognition you feel it deserves. Currently there is a blockage happening in the cosmic sky in this area in your life at the moment, and it is asking you to let go of old ideas but it will hurt to do so. In many ways you’re tying yourself up, which is closing you off for great things to happen. For the month of September you will be blessed with a new perspective and new tools to use – understand that the divine is trying to help you …. You just need to let their help in. 

Love and Relationships

Communication is key this month if you want your love life to improve. For the passed few months you’ve been sneaking around the idea of love, and playing a few tricks – is it just because you’re scared of what it could be? It looks as though you’ve been holding back the truth, and now in September it is time to reveal how you feel. Don’t resist and let go of this mental anxiety – you will speak up at the most unusual time, but the outcome will be victorious and a celebration to follow. 


Your bank account is looking safe at this time, beware that a setback is possible in the next four months. Although you have comforts, and food around you – it seems as though you’re feeling unsatisfied about where you gain your income. The job that provides you material comfort is a job that does not satisfy you, it looks as though you would like this change. You need to know that your ships are slowly coming in, and justice will make its way for your efforts. Now would be a good time to make yourself more socially available, and people will begin to notice how ready you are for the next step. If you open yourself up, things are bound to change. 


Your issue in your health is that you are too focused on this unsatisfied feeling, and you need to start communicating and letting yourself out there… This will also let go of this mental anxiety and the self-deprecating attitude that’s been coming more apparent for the past few weeks. For too many months now you’ve been emotionally nurturing yourself and putting all your energy into your creative work. Now this spring you need to show people who you really are, and let them see your world. While you begin communicating to the people around you, make sure to be humble and sincere – no one appeals to an arrogant attitude.