pisces horoscope




Birth Dates Range February 21st – March 22
Zodiac Sign Grouping Water
Characteristic Feature Mutable
Lucky Colours Sea green, Aqua
Lucky Days Monday, Friday
Lucky Numbers 02, 03
Ruled by Neptune
Ruling House 12th
Rules Anatomy Feet, pancreas, hormone system, immune system, aura, skin permeability.
Strengths Psychic, helpful, emotionally connected
Weaknesses Self-destructive, aloof, moody
Likes Imagination, emotional connection, creativity
Dislikes Abrasive behaviours, making plans, big groups



The last sign of the zodiac is Pisces which makes them have all the qualities of all the signs on the astrological wheel – they are able to connect with everyone on an intuitive psychic connection. Pisces is ruled by the 12th house, meaning this is the house about the unknown, the subconscious , and the spiritual world. What we cannot understand. Pisces individuals are sensitive to this world, and are able to transcend what we cannot see into the physical world; this makes them very sensitive to everything around them. Such intuitive beings they hope that the people round them are just as connected, they wish that people could understand them just as they understand the people around them. As they can be quite quiet people, just taking in they need people who are sensitive to their needs, and can give them the peace they need at times to recharge, as the world naturally takes a lot from them. These souls are really looking to help society in a way, they can see all sides the good and the bad, so most of all they would like to help others in need. When they feel they cannot help, this can put them in a space of despair and they struggle with their own emotional anguish, as these people are a water sign, there is a deep ocean inside of them. Understanding a Pisces takes time, and care – be responsive to their needs, and they will be at your side always.


Pisces people have difficulty working in any constructive environment, as this doesn’t nurture their intuitive psychic nature in a positive way. Extremely idealistic in what they desire, but they lack the practical skills on how to get to their goal. They have a wishy-washy nature, so building a solid foundation is almost impossible for these individuals. They will have a long journey with many ups and downs to get to the place they long to be. Pisces have strong psychic abilities so as long as they trust their emotions when making a decision it should lead them down the right path, this will require them to take much time alone. During their journey they may have to deal with situations that are not to their liking or deal with people who disrupt their own ‘world’ – in result they will shut off from everything completely to regain energy and to set out a new path once again.


Sensitive lovers, you need to know how to deal with Pisces watery charm in a partnership – as they long to find that deep connection with another soul. This can get them in trouble sometimes as they attract and are attracted to people who need help, if they don’t keep a guard up (which is difficult for a Pisces) they can be taken advantage of and emotionally manipulated. These spirits are romantic, tender, and have soft hearts so you need to be careful with them – they can love with all their hearts – although it can be hard to understand them, they just hope their partner can pick up on their energies without sharing a word. If you’re in a romantic relationship with a pisces you have to give them lots of love and affection this is very important to them. Pisces in love, love romance, helping each other, and calmness in a partnership – Pisces don’t like abrasive attitudes, detachment, inconsiderate behaviours in love.


A Pisces man needs to express himself creatively as it is difficult to get his point across with words. These men are the most passive compared to the other signs, and they can come off quite detached in the way they go about life. It is difficult for them to know exactly what they want out of life and will tend to go more with the ‘go with the flow’ approach. Since it’s hard for them to communicate their emotions they can become quite frustrated and quite unpredictable and intense without anyone ever knowing why. Extremely hypersensitive to everything around them, you won’t find them to stick around in any situation for too long because they feel restless on the inside. If these men are in a bad place they are prone to addictions and destructive behaviours. In the end you have a man who is dedicated to help their loved ones although shy and withdrawn at times they will always be able to pick up on how others are feeling around them, and can nurture those needs easily.


Pisces women are the most romantic out of the zodiac – they tend to live in fantasy most of the time. To others who know them they may seem quite spaced out, but this is a part of why they attract so many people because they come off quite mysterious in the way they live their lives. Soft-hearted dreamers who will find them working with others, as they love to help or have their heads in creative visions. A pisces women feels comfortable expressing her emotions especially in the arts, she has a love for music as it is a great way to empathize with all kinds of emotions. These women are quite magical and intuitive as they can almost connect with anyone along their path. At times they could come off quite detached from reality but this is because their inner world is such a core part of them that it needs to be nurtured in order for them to show others the special way they see their surroundings, if they do they touch others with their visions, and their inner worlds.


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