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The broad planetary picture for Pisces this year 2018 would be Saturn will be in Sagittarius in the 10th house, Jupiter in Libra, Rahu in Cancer, Ketu in Capricorn. Pisces natives have a pleasant and adaptable personality. They are intelligent, ambitious, creative and independent thinkers. This year will be full of joy, creativity and romance. It will be a time to continue your hard work to achieve your long-term goals. Jupiter`s influence will prompt you to develop your skills and associate with those whose talent sand resources compliments yours. You will also feel the need to strengthen your communication skills, and develop better clarity, discipline and focus. Planetary influences indicate transformation of your life-path. The paths taken up by you this year that would bring about greatest fulfilment would be in areas of communication, intellectual interests, creativity, home, family, children, love and romance.


It is the truth that love and romance are the driving forces in our lives at any given point of time. This year, Pisces natives will see plenty of new unusual love relationships where you will experience deepest connections and intimacy. Pisces natives are very charming, delicate, romantic beings who crave for emotional depth and sentimentalism. The planetary positions indicate mixed results this year. There will be happy and difficult moments in your life. Those in committed relationships will feel severely tested this year. Marriage will not be possible this year. Pisces need their partners to give them enough space to experience personal freedom; otherwise it may result in cracks. With Mars turning retrograde in the month of June, there may be unhappy times seen. You may find it hard to bond with your partner emotionally. You may feel it difficult to get close to your partner. Communication will be the key to a stable relationship. Matters need to be resolved by communication your feelings with your partner and understanding the needs of your partner. The fifth house Rahu will create problems in love relations.


The Pisces career horoscope 2018 foretells that you need to work hard to achieve your goals this year. The transit of important planets is not favourable for your professional life. Though you may work hard, your work and performance may not get noticed and yield desirable results. Tasks assigned to you may be demanding rather than being an opportunity. Tasks may require sharpening of your skills to prove your best. This may make you anxious and annoyed and may fill you with feelings of negativity. Patience and being level-headed is important to solve your problems at workplace. Seniors at workplace may not be happy with your performance and your colleagues may pose obstacles to your progress. Some may get transfer or relocation to a place disliked by them. Fear of losing job may keep them in fear. Try your best in your job, but if you are feeling dissatisfied, you can consider a change of job. Regular prayers to Lord Shiva on Mondays will help you find positive results and remove negativity surrounding you.


With Mars ruling your 2nd house of your sign, it will play an important role in your financial matters. When Mars is in retrograde during the end of June and in mid-Aug, it will not be a favourable time to take any major financial decisions. If any financial deals are struck when Mars is in retrograde motion, it may result in serious complications. There are chances to gain through inheritance as Jupiter will enter Scorpio in mid-November and this will add to our financial strength. You will be able to pay off your debts and clear all dues. Try to curb your unnecessary spending as expenditures will be seen on the rise. Be cautious in your monetary affairs and save as much as you can. It is important to take preventive measures to safeguard valuables, precious jewels, cash at home to avoid theft or loss. Avoid investments and new ventures this year as time appears to be unfavourable to see success and stability.


It will be a favourable year to see domestic harmony owing to the combined impact of Transit of Jupiter and Saturn. There will be peace and happiness seen in your family. Family members will be supportive of you. However, there would be times when difficult situations will surface. It is important to remain positive and resolve problems with due understanding and empathy. When disagreements happen, it is best to stay unresponsive and non-reactive. There may be problems faced with neighbours and relatives. Avoid being too impulsive with your loved ones and family members.  Make sure to think carefully before speaking lest you hurt the feelings of others. Try to have meaningful conversations with members of your family. There are chances to change your home.


The health prospects for Pisces natives this year could be quite disappointing. Your health needs more watching.  Problems of stomach ulcers, gastric problems could trouble you. It will be a year where you will have to work hard to keep your energy levels and general vitality high. Sleep plays an important part to keep you relaxed and rejuvenated. Try to get as much sleep as possible in order to renew your energy levels. Following a healthy wholesome diet is required to keep you active and energetic. You must include fresh raw green leafy vegetables in your daily diet. Keep away from processed food.  Fatigue and overwork will cause stress and depression in you. Meditation and yogic practices will help you think clearly and reduce your stress levels. Problems in professional life may affect your state of health. Pilgrimages to holy places will help you feel relieved and satisfied.

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