Year  2017 will be the period when some of you will have a chance to change your destinies and take completely different life-paths. Some of you may discover new talents!  When Saturn transits the first house it is time to overcome insecurities  and deal with life’s karmic lessons. You will definitely be devoted explorer of your destiny!  You will try to be your own guru or guider. But, don’t be too harsh on yourself.  Saturn in 1st will make you highly critical on yourself and you may be irritated by details you have never noticed before. Well, it is completely normal passing phase of Saturn being in your 1st and you should never forget to have fun too. Just like 2 years old are having fun with every step and fall, literary.


Transit affecting 5th and 7th house will definitely be challenging for those in marriages and relationships.  You should see difficulties as a chance to grow together with partner. House of your marriage is inseparable from the 1sst house of  your personality and body, which means that all the challenges you will be going through will inevitably affect your marriage.  Marriage has lasting quality only if two partners are adapting to each other and developing together in one way or another. You will strive more than ever to become “one“ with your partner . That doesn’t mean that the two of you will become identical twins with same attitudes and personalities. Your quest should be to stay faithful to your authentic selves, different from each other, but complementary, in order to make the unity. You two will be like yin and yang, different but perfectly fitting.

Of course, for some it will be more difficult. Some of you will finally have enough strength to admit that your partner is maybe not meant for you!


Jupiter shines from your 10th house of career, so you will also shine! This will be the year of all kinds of fortunate combinations when it comes to work. Some aspects of your life may be difficult, but career will go smoothly. You should use every opportunity to change everything that bothers you: low income, uncomfortable working space, etc. There won’t be “no” answers. Jupiter means expansion end when placed in 10th house, it especially encourages striving for more, so you will be in danger of becoming a little bit arrogant with every success.

In 2017 you will be extremely devoted worker and you will try to upgrade your knowledge with every step. This will be the perfect year to enroll some language course or learn a new computer skill. For students, 2017 is perfect time of taking internship or scholarship abroad. Especially good countries would be: Southern France and Italy.


You should be careful not to overspend during following year, especially in period of Mart and April.  But, as you are Sagittarius, you will hardly restrain form paying drinks to your company or wholeheartedly giving money to those who have less than you.  Well, at least, you can count on people you were helping to- they will be there for you in difficult situation. Some of you should be especially watchful in cases of new relationships. It can turn out that your new partner will just want to take advance from you. This especially counts for successful woman in middle years. Those who have loans will finally get rid of it.  From April to June you shouldn’t make bigger investments, but in October begins perfect time for money. Lord of Sagittarius will move into your 11th house of social status. This is also house of money that you earn by work. Your salary may increase, or some money from long forgotten job may be finally paid off to you. 11th house is also house of pension and this will be perfect timing for those who are retiring. Anyway, from September you can definitely feel like a boss, regardless of age.


Due to aspects Saturn and Jupiter will be making onto your 4th house in first half of year, you will suddenly want to have ideal family and live in perfect home. You will want every member of your family to behave according to that desire of yours. You will force family to paint and reorganize home together, make special Sunday meals, spend weekends exclusively in house, etc. Well, this may be a little irritable for your family members, especially if you have teenage kids. Family trip once a week can really improve your relations and make you closer, but for the sake of  other member’s wellbeing, you should let everyone have their own hobbies and free time. Your friends may feel a little bit neglected in this period, but it will all change drastically in the Autumn, when you will be more interested to plan some travels abroad with them.


Sagittarius should be careful, when it comes to your diet. Those who have problems with weight, should use this year to take kilograms off.   Critical period from your health will be from April till June. You should avoid any kind of stress in this period. Find some beneficial mantras and pronounce it slowly while fully breathing. You may feel a bit too aggressive in the Autumn. This can negatively impact on your stomach and liver, so be careful to direct this energy towards exercises or work. For those who are planning some aesthetic surgeries, we recommend avoiding summer. Winter and Autumn would be perfect period for such actions.

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