Sagittarius horoscope




Birth Dates Range November 22nd – December 21st
Zodiac Sign Grouping Fire
Characteristic Feature Mutable
Lucky Colours Light blue, yellow
Lucky Days Thursday
Lucky Numbers 03
Ruled by Jupiter
Ruling House 9th
Rules Anatomy Hip, thigh, sacral bone, liver, protein synthesis, fatty deposits in the body tissue, metabolism, body detoxification, intervertebral discs, thymus, body growth
Strengths Idealistic, knowledgeable, lucky
Weaknesses Inconsistent, unreliable, lack of patience
Likes Philosophy, learning, independence
Dislikes Tradition, conservative, a formula



Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarians are about learning and expansion of self – with luck always by their side. This sign is independent always looking for their higher self, but they would say you can never learn enough! As they love going off into the world, meeting all sorts of people and different having discoveries of their own. They do very well on their own, but they can’t help but attract followers, as they are extremely inspirational people that everyone wants a piece of their spark. Sagittarius is ruled by the 9th house on the zodiac wheel, the 9th house is about our high consciousness – this is exactly what a Sagittarius individual is all about. They go off in the world knowing that what they find will lead them closer to understanding themselves in our world that much better. Although it can be difficult for these people to keep long-lasting relationships, because at one time or another they will need to break free and find something new. They are just so independent that having a hold on them is impossible, they are seeking people who have similar minds that they can exchange thoughts, and philosophies with. Learning from people is a great reward for these people, because they do feel like an odd one out in many situations. Nonetheless they never will hold themselves back, and their hearts lead them all around the world looking for the truth in the physical and spiritual world.


Sagittarius’s are always seeking the truth in the path they will follow, this attitude may bring them in many directions meeting all sorts people along the way. Although they are quite kept to themselves, and they need the time to learn on their own, which they plan to share among their professional endeavors once ready. It is likely these types of people could become professional students in their lifetime; they may also be drawn to teaching, writing, religious studies, acting. No matter what they do need independence in whatever they choose, and travelling for work is very likely in their futures. These lucky folk are able to handle more tasks at a time, which give them an excellent work ethic, as well people are interested to hear what they have to say. Naturally intuitive and reflective they excel at philosophy, and will have a feeling of knowing exactly where they need to head next. They will go many places in work, and in life sharing themselves for a period and then moving on to the next place, that’s just who they are!


Sagittarians are in love with learning, so if you want to catch their eyes you must have something you can teach them. They need to hold their partner in high regard, someone they respect and admire from all facets of life. As well an individual who isn’t scared to discover life, as they long to seek out the true meaning of life – if they can find a partner who feels the same then that makes a desirable relationship for them. These characters don’t jump in long-term relationships easy, as they are too in love with what they can discover out in the big blue. It takes time to get to know them, and you must be open to being their friend first. When Sagittarius’s flirt they will probably be teaching you something or showing you a new book, some kind of information, they would also love to travel with their lover. In the end if you do find yourself in love with a Sagittarius you must understand commitment with independence as they are in love with the world first. Sagittarius in love, love adventure, philosophical conversation, travel – Sagittarius don’t like mundane activities, conservative outlooks, boredom in love.


These men are restless to seek out anything adventurous. They are known for having their heads in a million projects, not that they are able to finish any of them. These men are full of fun, but rather difficult to keep up with – as they can be the life of the party to a full blown argument defending their views. It’s hard to keep these men in one place, because if anything becomes too dull for them they will pack their bags. They need plenty of variety and change in order to feel like they ‘are doing something’. You will find these men’s heads in philosophy, as they are very idealistic. They don’t want anyone getting in the way of their plans. In the end these men don’t like to commit to anything for too long as life is a game to be played in their world.


These women need space and personal freedom in order to breathe and keep them happy! They are very active and you can find them in all sorts of endeavors that it be creative, physical, sociable they are there! It’s actually quite difficult to keep track where these ladies are heading, they are natural socialites as they are desired in all kinds of places! You will find them with a big smile on their face usually, as long as they are learning and seeing new things they have a positive attitude towards the world. They don’t like anything too serious as it turns them off easily, if so they will be out the door to seek out new interests and people. Idealistic and romantic these women aren’t typically family orientated, as they may feel that having a family could tie them down. They have to keep themselves aligned, because they do have difficulty with their independence vs. irresponsibility which is a fine line … because for them life is all about adventure. So it’s hard for them to be concentrated in one thing. In the end if you love a Sagittarius woman than you must accept her for all her traits, as she is able to teach you all about the big adventure in the world.


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