Scorpio 2017Scorpio rising signs will indeed prove to be great when it comes to dealing with every kind of problems. During this year you will have a chance to prosper almost every day. Exciting aspects by which Scorpio will be affected are going to make an explorer and problem solver of you. Situations that may be difficult for others are perfect situations for Scorpios to use their inborn intuition and win over every kind of problem. You will learn to accept curvy flow of the river of life. 2017 is the year of learning how to turn disadvantage into advantage, but not with magic tricks – only patience and good organization will pay off.


You will be completely devoted to the progress. Until the end of the year you will have bunch of beneficial information and contacts that will help you improve your position. You will be hard-working and you will often feel tired, but that will be rewarded by promotion or salary increase.

From the springtime you can expect some business trips abroad where you will get new ideas and learn some new tricks and tips. You will search for creativeness and try to make play from your work. You will be more productive that way. Possible problems may occur with competitive person who wants you under their control.

From September until the end of year you will find yourself devoted to professional growth. You will be exploring depths of human being, you will take interest into lunatics and criminals and try to understand them. Books about psychology, philosophy or even astrology will be your favorite literature in this period. You may plan a new vacation trip during which you will be able to explore other nation and culture.


In January, Saturn leaves your first house, and that will give you some relief, at least when it comes to personal boundaries that Scorpios started experiencing in 2015. Until January 2017 you were supposed to move on to the next point of your life and to put an end to some issues that were bothering you. With beginning of the new year, you will rest a little bit. But be careful. Second house of personal gains and property will be under Saturn. This house is in the sign of Sagittarius in your chart and, as such it is supposed to bring you prosperity and easiness when it comes to financial matters. But during this year, you should be watchful! You may not be able to spend uncontrollably and still get on! Nevertheless, Saturn always supports good organization and you will finally start saving for some big investment, you have always wanted to. New car or even an apartment or weekend cottage will finally start to get closer to you.


When it comes to love life, good aspects are shining from Jupiter and they are giving you the energy and creativity to solve problems and refresh your relationships. There will be some kind of childlike energy within you that will lead you to recall first days of relationship and put some romantic and playful spices into it. Severe, tiring aspect will come from Saturn onto your eight house , so your sexual life will may suffer, especially in period from April to June. You will probably be tired of work and financial matters, which will cause unwillingness and indifference towards sex. Anyway, you should not worry. Jupiter aspects will provide you romantic journey where things will surely get better.

For those who are single, there will be more opportunities rising. Some karmic loves may occur form middle of August until the end of the year due to Rahu entering Cancer and Ketu Capricorn.  These positions could be benefiting for Scorpio. You may renew an old relationship that you feel haven’t been properly ended. Or if you are in toxic relationship you may finally put an end to it and then, suddenly, enter new passionate relationship that will rejuvenate you.


In 2017 your social and professional circle will definitely get wider. You may meet ideal business partner on some informal party or during vacation. Or it may be the other way around- you will become close friends with some of colleagues, or even find love at your workplace. Single Scorpios should pay more attention to business trips or team buildings- these will be ideal situations to meet partner until the month of September.

During this year you will become better in understanding people around you. Those who work with feelings and health (doctors, professors, psychologists, etc.) will benefit a lot. Scorpios will be main advisers in circle of their friends and they will be a great support to some relative or friend.

If you have children you will be too gentle and you will try to see only good in them. They will take advantage of it, especially if they are teenagers, and you may find yourself tricked.


You should be careful when it comes to reproductive health during the whole year due to aspects Saturn will make. You will be full of energy during the most of year and you are definitely going to exaggerate. You will have desire to  go to mountain trip, finish bunch of work and read whole detective novel on the same day. But this will drastically change from the August when your health house will be under the negative impact of Rahu and Ketu. You will feel like energies from other people are breaking you.  If you have some chronic disease, this is the period where you must be careful!  In this period it would be good to take long walks on the seaside or breathe clean air of mountains.  Everyday meditation and mantra chanting would definitely decrease negative impact of Rahu and Ketu.



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