Taurus will wait for 2017 with their hands open to accept every good thing it brings to them! It is in your nature to enjoy life’s pleasures, to favor sensational experience over anything, or let’s just put it- to get the best from life. We can see you waiting for the New Year with calmly positive attitude that will indeed help you welcome bad transits in relaxed manner. Nevertheless, temptations that 2017 will bring, are supposed to get on your nerves, but also to make you stronger.  If you are patient and organized pupil of 2017 lesson, you will become full of knowledge and experience-ready  for the next grades!


In January, Saturn will move from your 7th house of marriage and partnership onto your 8th house of death, sex and mysteries. That will give you some relief, when it comes to relations with the partner. Everyday communication will suddenly flow with long forgotten easiness. During previous few years of Saturn being in your 7th house you were definitely supposed to change your approach when it comes to relations and partnership. And we mean that in the positive manner- Saturn lessons may be difficult, but with every successful completion you are becoming better human being!

When it comes to the sex life, some obstructions and frustrations may appear. Some of Taurus rising people may find new partners, that will be to severe and not so free-spirited when it comes to sex. Well, this could be a real deal breaker for some of pleasure seeking Taurus people. But, maybe you should just wait for the fall when some beneficial aspect will definitely appear.  Jupiter is in your 5th house most of the year and gives beneficial aspects when it comes to young lovers. All of those who are not in marriage should benefit from this and enjoy times with partner to the maximum. You will become connected on the spiritual level. And for all the Taurus people who are alone- you should definitely go out often and new love will be inevitable!


Ketu in the 10th house of career and status can bring repeating of some bad experiences from the past, or even from the pat lives! You will be accused of unfair deeds, or someone will remember your sins from the past and it will be revealed in the front of your office!  Ketu is represented as a dragons body without a head, he is blind, and with this position one can act impulsively, lead by pure instincts. So, our warning would be to be extremely careful and to try to develop frustration resistance by meditation or some other way of self improvement. This will save you when the harsh time comes! You may go out from unpleasant situations as a winner and even gain some popularity!


You should definitely play lottery during 2017! This may indeed be the year of winning.  When it comes to your job earnings, some obstructions will definitely appear. Be careful! Some people will want to take advantage of you In the workplace. Misunderstandings will arise- your superiors won’t give you money that you will actually deserve.  But you may be lucky when it comes to heritage from distant relative who will die extremely old and without closest siblings.


When it comes to family, you have very beneficial aspects. Rahu in the 4th house will definitely bring you some new experiences when it comes to family. You may develop closer relation with your parents that you have been a bit careless to. In 2017, you will be able to better understand their actions and way of thinking. You will overcome generation gap! When it comes to your own family and kids, you have also very beneficial aspects.  Happiness, growth and development are guaranteed! You will see your children having success, and you will take part in it! This year will be extremely good for every pregnant woman and for getting pregnant. When it comes to friendships, you will meet a friend or whole social circle from the youth and you will renew relations.


You may endangered by allergy that will leave you with the skin rash, especially visible on your neck. You should protect yourself with good sunscreen, or even better- with white easy clothing. Some breathing problems will also appear during this period. Anyway, ending of this year will be perfect for your health. Jupiter will be in your 6th house of health, in the great position! You will definitely benefit from this aspect which will be obvious in all area of your life.



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