In 2017, you will feel more self-assured than usual, but be careful not to let your analyzing and over-thinking to destroy every spontaneity and free spirit in you when it comes to bigger things and events in 2017. Intuitive listening to your inner-self will enable you to make better choices than pen-and-paper mathematical analysis of life situations and emotions. While we completely support logical thinking exercises, we can assure you that emotion is something that can’t be calculated. Yes, we are completely aware that you are the most analytical and cautious of all the signs, but we recommend you to let yourself be a curious, carefree child in 2017. Stars will be favorably inclined towards you.


If you are single, you should ask yourself if you are too selective! Maybe you are missing perfect chances due to overanalyzing everything. Being a perfectionist doesn’t actually help in finding perfect partner. Beauty of living is not in finding flaws, but in finding beauty in flaws.  Try to behave in rather relaxed manner, and you’ll see, you will have more energy and time to enjoy your life and people around you.  From the beginning of the year till the end of May 2017, Venus will be in your house of marriage, so this will be perfect timing for making a wedding or just enjoy your current marriage.  You relationship will blossom, just like in first days. Good relations will continue until the end of the year with Venus transiting in the 8th house. This time accent will be on sexual relationship with your partner. You appetites will be boosted and you will be extremely attractive to your partner.  But this position of Venus can, also, bring some danger- be careful not to let yourself flirt with everyone and make your partner jealous. For some, this period can bring secret lover or an affair with married person!


Somebody old from your primary family will leave bigger inheritance and conflict may occur. In this situation you should stay sober-headed and fair. But also, be careful not to end up without something you and your heirs deserve.  To younger ones it may happen to slightly distance from close relative or a friend due to different personalities. You will become aware that some of the closest people are actually too much for you and you will be in the mood of braking relationships with people who suck energy out of you.  On, the other hand, older ones will suddenly become aware of the importance of old friendships- they will renew relations with best friends from the past and spend time with them, recalling memories.


Your energy will be at the peak, with Mars transiting your 10th house. You will be able to realize every goal you set up and you will go through every kind of difficulties with easiness.  Every challenge will be a pleasure. In this period salary increase may occur. If not, your hard work will definitely pay off by the end of the year.  Your colleagues will look upon you with respect, but be careful when it comes to Aquarius at your working place. They may cook some unpleasant meal for you!


Unexpected gaining may occur during end of the year.  We recommend you to buy a lottery ticket!  In the middle of the year some family expenditure will occur and it can provoke conflict in the family. In this period you should definitely be economical.


If you are prone to unhealthy foods, you should definitely consider changing this in 2017.  Planet transits may be very unfavorable to those who have bad habits. A lot of veggies and exercises will help you with this. Walk in nature and meditate while watching sunset or sea.



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