Do you know your Zodiac lucky color?



You know your Zodiac Sign but do you know the color of your Zodiac? Every Zodiac Sign has unique characteristics and explicit colors indicating the emotional and spiritual connect with the Zodiac Sign. Our astrologers have identified your Zodiac color and you will be eager to know if these matches with your favorite colors.

Aries Color
The first and fiery Zodiac is always known for its energy and activeness. All the shades of Red goes great for Arians . Red is a warm color and denoted perseverance and courage. Get the magic of red in your life Arians.

Taurus Color
Taurus element is Earth, they love luxury and are sensuous too. The royal habits make ‘White’ their best color or even ‘Pink’ will go great. You like peace and honesty and so white is apt. The color also shows that you are very social.

Gemini Color
You are wise and a good thinker. ‘Light Green’ is the color that matches their personality. They are good communicators and also like an organized lifestyle. The color perfectly blends and balances their personality traits.

Cancer Color
White , Gray or Silver’ is the best for Cancerians. The ruling planet being the Moon, reflects a high level of sensitivity and emotional mindset. The pure and peaceful mind is best displayed with a perfect color symbolizing the same .

Leo Color
The positive and the electrifying characteristic of Leos is marked by the ‘Golden, Yellow or Orange’ color. No guesses because the ruling planet is the Sun. The dominant Leo color showcase a diligent administrator and a good leader in you.

Virgo Color
You are very confidant and social. Navy Blue, Gray or Dark Green shows your vivacious nature and works best for you. Whether at workplace or in a party, your Zodiac color helps to showcase your strength and your charms.

Libra Color
You are artistic and very refined in your gestures. ‘White, Pink and Turquoise’ colors are the best colors for you. The colors depict your inherent nature and your romantic personality. The shades of blue and white is perfect for the creative you.

Scorpio Color
When Mars is ruling you, thenOrange, Brown and Murky Red are your lucky colors. You are ambitious and also mysterious so you need a color that balances your nature perfectly. Orange indicates health and strength as well.

Sagittarius Color
You will love theYellow, Pink and Purple hues as your ruling planet is Jupiter. This is basically in line with your ambitious and adventurous nature. At times you need some colors that soothe you mind and get you off your restlessness.

Capricorn Color
Since you are calm and hardworking, your lucky colors are deep colors likePurple, Indigo and Gray’ These colors show that you are spiritually inclines and you are clear about what you want and do in life.

Aquarius Color
You are creative and your pleasant personality wins you great friends. Your lucky colors are Black, Gray, Dark Blue and Brown. They depict that you are intellectual and a very understanding person.

Pisces Color
You have expressive qualities and so ‘Violet-red, Green, Yellow and White’ are your lucky colors. These colors denote your confidence, sentiments and your spiritual connect in life.

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