Aquarius horoscope




Birth Dates Range January 22nd – February 21st
Zodiac Sign Grouping Air
Characteristic Feature Fixed
Lucky Colours Electric blue, grey
Lucky Days Sundays, Thursday
Lucky Numbers 01, 07
Ruled by Uranus
Ruling House 11th
Rules Anatomy Lower leg, calves, jump joints, pituitary, rhythmic, central nervous system
Strengths Being themselves, loving friend, making a difference
Weaknesses Detached, flaky, unfocused
Likes Group activities, activism, hanging out with people
Dislikes Conservative ideas, stagnation, traditions


Aquarians are the last air sign on the astrological wheel; they are about friendships, groups, innovation. Aquarius people all about the future, and how can we make it better – they have plenty of ideas and are able to bring people alongside of them. They attract many people, and just as well they are attracted to many – they definitely feel the more the merrier! They like to take part of groups, as they know one idea is made stronger with help from others- that everyone has a genius to contribute. They are quite unusual people, but yet everyone loves to have an Aquarian around, as they have a certain kind of unmistakable air about them that people want to understand. They are the leaders of being yourself in everything you do, and this is probably what makes them just so attractive to others. They know that the more people that are themselves, that the world can become a better place – that everyone should be accepted for who they are, as long as the ideas are about peace and acceptance. You can find these people in all sorts of endeavours that of activism or politics, and the arts. Since they are an air sign they are quick- witted full of ideas and a sharp tongue to get where they desire in life. They love to share the ideas they have with others, and for them having friends is the most important relationship in life. You can always spot an Aquarius out in a group because they are the ones standing tall with some kind of special quirk about them.


Aquarius’s need freedom in their career, and they need something unique from all the rest. One of their strongest attributes is to take in information and be able to turn it into something completely new! They have a special kind of intuition that allows them to know what is to come next if it’s in trends or in their own career move – they know when to stay and they know when to leave to something else. These individuals make great freelancers, but working with people is extremely beneficial for them. You will usually find Aquarius’s with a new brilliant idea, and forming a team to make it come to life. It’s definitely not a surprise during their lifetime that they may try a few different directions to find their inner calling, but once they do they will explore it and learn everything to the fullest. They need to put themselves out there, and they want contribute to something huge that’s where they will find the most happiness.


Aquarius’s are unique in love, and they search for just that in their romantic partners. They don’t have just one ‘type’ they are looking for, as they are open to all different kinds of people – but most of all they want someone just as offbeat as they are. It is important that their lover is their friend first, as friends are the most important to Aquarius individuals. They fall in love easily, but don’t commit to just anyone – it is important that their partnerships give them the freedom to move around and explore – as they always like to try new things or be one step ahead. They want to experience everything in life – are attracted to everything. Not only are they drawn to all sorts of places and things, but so many people are attracted to them! They have a special kind of influence on people that just inspires everyone around them, as well they have tons to share with their intellect and insight – they are the last thing from boring. So if you love an Aquarius be ready to experience life and what it has to offer! Aquarius in love, love unusual romances, intellectual stimulation, and anything new – Aquarius don’t like clingy personalities, tradition, and routine in relationships.


The Aquarius man likes to surprise others by their unusual ways and ideas! Which they do, they come off quite progressive with the way they go about life, and they look for that in others as well – they celebrate individuality in everything. They can get bored quite easily, and their worst fear is to come off predictable – so if anything is becoming routine in their lives, you can be sure they will do something drastic just to throw their audience off. In a group they secretly dominate, with their intellect and air about them everyone just wants a piece of that Aquarius mind. It can be difficult to get close to an Aquarius man, at heart he is always a bit detached. His eyes will always be on the future, which makes it hard to have any intimate moment with him. He can be in long-term relationships as long as there is growing within the relationship, if he gets bored he will find something new.


These women are gems in society, as they are quite unusual at heart. They see the world from a completely different perspective than all the rest and this can make it seem that they are quite detached from the present world around them. Extremely independent they will always go after what they believe in, and with their idealistic views they attract all sorts of people. They have a calming influence on others, and people want to hear what they have to say even if it is quite unorthodox. Their close friends would call them kind, compassionate, and intense in the way they live life – they don’t like to be predictable in anything they do, they need to stand out from all the rest! They have a special kind of intuition that will lead them through their lives and where to go. You can be sure that their lives will be anything but conventional.


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