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The broad planetary picture of 2018 for Aquarius natives will be Jupiter shall transit into Scorpio in ninth house after October, Saturn will be transiting the eleventh house in Sagittarius, Ketu in Capricorn, Rahu in Cancer. This will be a year where Aquarius natives must work towards bringing balance in all aspects in life. They need to make adjustments and compromises to find harmony in their life. With planetary positions being favorable, they are likely to earn name and fame. Aquarius natives are loyal, peace-loving and intelligent. With your sense of determination, you will defy all odds and pursue your goals. Your wise decisions taken at appropriate moments will beget good results. When Planet Jupiter moves into Libra after September, there will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy life. The major areas of your interests this year ahead will be health and work, home, family, domestic interests, foreign travel, philosophy, personal transformation.


This year will prove to be very important in matters of love for Aquarius natives. Those starting their love life can expect a new spark to light up passionate relationships. Romance will take center stage and bring a lot of finest and memorable moments of the year. You will experience new feelings and powerful attachments. With Jupiter`s beneficial influence, the month of August will be a glorious and indulgent period for romance. Its expansive touch will make connections glow; it turns feelings warm, deep and comfortable. You may be able to take a big step in strengthening bonds of long-term commitment or you feel highly secure in an intimate union. New and significant friends will come into your life. Those married will see an increase in closeness with their partner. Singles will find potential love partners. Married partners need to make adjustments and compromises to see a healthy and strong relationship. A good level of communication is needed to handle misunderstandings and unwanted arguments. Overall, Aquarius natives can hope to see excitement all through the year.


The favorable positions of the planets in the year 2018 will bring good results in your professional life. You will have many ambitions to achieve and will work very hard to achieve them. There will be promotions and pay hikes seen in this year. The year will start on a positive note where you will be seen taking the right moves that will help you experience success and progress. You can focus on new work opportunities, new work projects and ventures that you are happy with. Recognition for your good work will be possible. However, at workplace there will be obstacles that block the way to your success. To make the sail smooth, it is important to be diplomatic and exhibit tactful behavior. Try to develop good rapport with your colleagues and seniors. Patience is required to handle difficult situations. Those unhappy with their current job could work on changing to a new one that they are passionate about. You are however destined to shine in 2018 despite small setbacks. Your traditional values and honesty will yield the best results in your career in 2018. Your career horoscope indicates a better team of people around you, blissful feeling of satisfaction of doing something good and successful along with a bright career.


This year will be a favorable year for Aquarius natives in terms of finances. Though Ketu`s presence in your horoscope will make you spend heavily, you will be also able to save considerably. Benefic Jupiter will be responsible for your profits and will favour your growth and development in financial matters. You will be able to progress and accumulate wealth. There would be a period of stability, positivity in your financial sector all throughout the year. However, stay away from making impulsive purchases as Saturn in your 11th house can lead to unexpected spending. Those in business will get good opportunities to strike profitable deals. Your flow of funds will be good and stable.


Family life will be peaceful and harmonious for Aquarius natives.  There will be a lot of enjoyments and happiness seen in domestic life. Aquarius natives will be social, friendly and warm. They will accept people for what they are. These traits will make them to be loved by others. You will be able spend good times with your relatives who will be highly supportive of you. The influence of Jupiter and Saturn will indicate improvement of relations with your children. This period will see enhancement of your social status and prestige. Presence of Rahu in your sixth house will help you find victory over your enemies. Those fighting legal cases will emerge victorious. Aged parents will need to be taken care of in matters of health. Newly married couple can expect a birth of a child. Children would secure admissions into highly reputed institutions. There would be auspicious occasions in your family life.


Though health has been good in the past year, this year you need to pay attention to your health. With major planets like Saturn entering a stressful aspect, keeping fit must be your first priority. Saturn can make you feel less energetic and periods of low energy will be felt at times. Regular physical activity, breathing exercises will help you keep fit and healthy. Shadow Planet Rahu too could cause health problems. Having healthy, wholesome and nutritious food can help you feel energetic and active. It can boost your immune levels. Herbal detoxification will help you feel rejuvenated. Prayers to God will help you enjoy sound body and mind. It is also advised to be careful while driving or taking walks outside. Mishaps can be avoided if suitable precautions are taken. A good night`s sleep is most important. Peaceful thoughts may induce restful sleep. Meditation on divine sounds before going to bed will help you achieve deeper states of rest and sleep.

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