Capricorn horoscope



Birth Dates Range December 22nd – January 21st
Zodiac Sign Grouping Earth
Characteristic Feature Cardinal
Lucky Colours Black, indigo
Lucky Days Saturday
Lucky Numbers 04
Ruled by Saturn
Ruling House 10th
Rules Anatomy Bones, skeleton, knee joints, tendons and ligaments, teeth, spleen.
Strengths Work ethic, determination, sincerity
Weaknesses Overworked, materialistic, stressful
Likes Achievements, family, security
Dislikes Laziness, insincerity, uncertain behaviours



This is a hard working earth sign looking to reach the highest acclaim out of all the zodiacs. They know that getting to the top takes lots of devotion and hard work, so they do everything with a sincere heart. Capricorn is ruled by the 10th house, which is the house of Public accomplishments, which is exactly what they have on their mind at all times. Since they are an earth sign, much of their focus in on the material world, their belongings can be a representation of how much success they have achieved so far, and they want others to notice. Being such hard workers they are amazing at materialising and making what they want to come to life. They do have over attchments to material objects and the idea of what success is, which can be a downfall at certain point of their lives. They need so much security in everything they do, that they are quite serious individuals.. They need a career that gives them this security and they will never do anything below their standards. In love they are looking for the commitment and long-haul as they want someone who is able to build the empire with them. They admire people who work for what they want, as personal achievements is everything to a Capricorn individual. Life is about hard work, and making success – this is what they are all about!


Capricorns are able to take care of others, and every other task. Natural authority takers – people trust them as leaders and employees because they don’t shy away from work. They know that success takes patience and caution in every decision; they aren’t the type to be hasty in anything they do. Their reputation is very important to them, as they like to appear competent and graceful in their career – the status-quo is important to them. They have high standards in their goals, but you can be sure that they will accomplish them. Capricorns look for stability, wealth, and success in their lives and they know how to just go about it. These folk like to climb a ladder and are very reliable, practical, and responsible these people when dedicated and good hearted can have very prosperous lives.


Capricorn’s are quite cautious when it comes to falling in love first. They are quite impressive to their admirers for their achievements, and insight. They look for someone with the same high-standards as they have, an ideal relationship would involve building a successful business together – something that brings stability for their lives. Very practical when it comes to love they are not the most demonstrative out of the zodiacs, they are much the type to show their affection by doing nice things for their lovers. The downside about being with a Capricorn is that at times they care too much what others think about themselves and their partners, which can cause them anxiety about the actual relationship they have. All aside they are respectful to their beloved, and will always know where the relationship is going and how they are feeling. They are looking for a solid foundation in their relationships built on trust and emotional security. Capricorn in love, love respect, security, achievements together – Capricorns don’t like distrust, laziness, and deceit in love.


These men are extremely determined, and they need to be in control of their lives. You will find them on top of all aspects in their lives – as they don’t waste any time. Their visions are full of high-achievements and this is what they strive for in their daily lives – ambition is the word to describe them. These men have plenty of self-control, partying or letting go isn’t on their forefront or even that easy for them. Materialistic at heart, the more they have the more accomplished they feel – as men are ruled by their egos this is very important to them. Capricorn men are always looking towards the future, so every single step is calculated to make the right outcome. Known for being sensual, conventional, and straightforward – they give a lot but expect a lot in return. Workaholics they strive to have success and security in career, love, and family.


These women aren’t the emotional type – they much prefer to be seen as composed. They are looking for security in their lives and prefer to be useful and productive in some way. These women are quite critical of themselves and of others – as an accomplishment is everything that surrounds them. Capricorn women demand respect, this attribute is very noticeable in the way they hold themselves up in a room. In their private lives, they won’t be very demonstrative – but are always able to help others and provide a lovely home atmosphere. Naturally sensual, they are used to get their way most of the time. Nonetheless they have big hearts full of ambition, and are truthful to themselves and other. You can find these women in all sorts of endeavours as long as it brings them the success they are looking for in life.


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