capricorn horoscope


The broad planetary picture for Capricorn this year 2018 would be Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Libra, Rahu in Cancer, Ketu in Capricorn. It will be a promising year where you will reap the rewards for past efforts and hard work. It will be a time to shine bright and achieve good professional success. The most important realm influenced by Saturn throughout the year is the area of your work. It will help you learn new things, apply them in the most mundane affairs and thus stirring up many possibilities to bring forth your hidden talents and resources. You need to keep focused on little details, work related friendships and partnerships. Apart from taking care of the responsibilities and obligations in your life, you need to set time to nurture yourself too. Overall, this year will see you working hard to achieve your ambitions. You will enjoy overall energy and vitality this year. You will continue to pursue your long-term interests in spirituality, in charity and philanthropy.


According to Capricorn love horoscope, the natives of this sign would see a new definition to their love life. It is time to express your feelings of love to your partner openly. Feelings of romance and passion will rule high. The warm Jupiter will add plenty of love opportunities to romantic affairs this year. It would be a period to draw someone supportive of you into your life. Love and romantic interests will stay strong this year. Those married will find their marriage strong and stable. The position of Saturn will not be conducive to your love life. But the transit of Jupiter will keep things under control. It will give the much needed support to married couples to increase the level of understanding and love towards each other. Exalted Mars moving through your sign can make you assertive in expressing your views. If things are not going smoothly in your love relationship with your partner for prolonged periods then it is time to end things.


Capricorn natives are highly ambitious by nature and they will strive hard to achieve their goals. They are practical and serious people who remain committed to work. The Capricorn horoscope foretells that they will be seen busy at work front. They may have to work extended hours to finish deadlines. Professionals and those placed in jobs may be assigned with complex tasks. It may be a good opportunity to prove their abilities and sharpen their skills. They will be able to handle their tasks successfully and their higher-ups will be pleased with their performance. There is a strong possibility to gain incentives in job. This will enhance your confidence levels and make you feel rewarded. You will be satisfied with your achievements and gains. Career and professional status will continue to soar. You will be seen successful due to your communication abilities. This will be a year where you will enjoy enhanced career status and professional recognition. Some may get prestigious job offers from other companies which pay more and elevate your status.


According to Capricorn finances Horoscope 2018, it is indicated that you will see smooth results in your financial matters. You can work on pursuing financial opportunities, explore new ways of making more money and feel more secure financially. Mars in your house of finance can make you more energized and focused on your finances. But with Mars retrograde, you may see financial difficulties rise around the middle of May. You may need to deal with bad financial decisions and lack drive to pursue your financial goals. Hasty decisions and excess spending must be avoided to keep away financial problems. It is important to save and make budgets to curb financial spending. Practice thrift and avoid in many types of indulgences. Savings will help you cope with sudden expenditures. You will be able to promote your business with your hidden talents and resources. Bright prospects await you this year. Though you may face problems, it is important to have a balanced and practical approach to excel in business.


Capricorn natives will see a year full of activities and events. Relationships with family members will grow stronger this period. Though there will be certain disturbances seen, it is important to control your emotions. It will be a time to address long dormant issues with family members that may have surfaced. This will be a year where you will create your own social opportunities. You will do this by hosting parties or organizing social events. You will also be seen attending auspicious functions. Those married and newly-wed can expect to see a birth of a child at home. The benevolent Jupiter aspecting the seventh house is favorable to those wishing to enter into marriage. It also blesses Capricorn natives with happy marital life and good, obedient children


Capricorn health horoscope for 2018 foretells that you will have higher energy levels when compared to past years. Your health will improve when Jupiter moves to Scorpio after September 2018. You will enjoy good health and fitness. However, hectic schedules and busy social life will cause tiredness and fatigue. Lack of good fitness will lead to such problems. It is important to do regular physical activity and maintain a balance between personal and professional life. Avoid junk food and unhealthy food too. Eating out can cause abdominal infections. Eat wholesome healthy food with plenty of fresh green vegetables. Problems of obesity and insomnia may trouble you during this period. Try alternative healing methods for total well-being of body and mind.  Practices of mindfulness, breathing exercises, yoga and meditation will help you find tranquility and inner peace. Health of your father needs your care and attention during this period.

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