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Birth Dates Range May 22 – June 21
Zodiac Sign Grouping Air
Characteristic Feature Mutable
Lucky Colours Green, yellow & orange
Lucky Days Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
Lucky Numbers 05, 06 & numbers adding to 9
Ruled by Mercury
Ruling House 3rd
Rules Anatomy Trachea, bronchi, lungs, organs of speech and hearing, nerves, fingers, hands, shoulders
Strengths Energizing, curiosity, adaptability, witty
Weaknesses Distraction, unpredictability, immature, and restless
Likes Communication, movement, and fun
Dislikes Routine, confinement, being bored



Gemini’s are the kid twins in the zodiac, they are very attractive for their curiosity, and adaptability to try all new experiences in life. Since they represent dual energies, there is whirlwind of ideas coming out from the zodiac that in hope someday will manage to complete. That said they do try many new projects and activities, but they can never focus for too long. Gemini’s are the first air sign on the zodiac wheel, they rule our daily life – the present, what we make it, and the people who are a part of it. Gemini’s are very unpredictable by nature and by reaction – you will never know how they will be acting or feeling in that moment. Their emotions are ruled by their minds, and they would much prefer to go over things in their head than in their heart. They have a real childlike approach to how they go about their days, and they will never let each day start the same, as they can’t stand routine! Gemini’s rule speech in astrological anatomy, they have a quick-witted tongue, and are able to write forwards and backwards effortlessly; ruled by Mercury they have the blessing of communication at their fingertips. These identicals can have a ‘know it all’ viewpoint, because they have a love for absorbing information from anywhere anytime.


A pathway for a Gemini consists of many winding roads … they will always have more than one option in their lifetime, because they are so knowledgeable in a variety of interests! It is very likely that one of their careers will open a new door for something completely different, but yet completes them and they finally end of finding their true calling; but nevertheless settling one job is not easy for them. Regardless they are looking for a career that stimulates their minds they would do well in writing, creative work, business.. anything that keeps them moving and using their brilliant heads. They need to keep in mind that they need their space throughout their creative processes; else they easily get side tracked and are unable to invest enough time and work for it to get off the ground. What a Gemini needs to know most is that all the knowledge they collect over the years will bring them to their destiny, and at that moment they need to communicate to world what they know.


Gemini’s are your lover and your best friend, but always best friend first! They need a romance that’s fun and entertaining – something too comfortable will make their eyes wander. Naturally very flirtatious with their sense of humour and desirable wit, they can easily attract a million admirers. Besides the fact, all they wish for is a lover who respects them for their minds, and the knowledge they wish to share. They will need a partner who is as social as they are, like doing many activities with other groups, and going to events – a social relationship keeps them amused. When courting a Gemini conversation is the best foreplay, as they can talk for hours. They need a relationship that exchanges ideas, goes on many trips, and is interesting altogether. It is possible to tame these folk, you just need to be as interested in life as they are! Gemini in love, love fun, interesting, unpredictable with their partners – Gemini’s don’t like predictable, boring, and isolating relationships.


A Gemini man is very attractive with his good looks, and sense of insight on all topics. When he walks into a room full of people he easily grabs everyone’s attention, because they all want to hear what he has to say! It is difficult to get a grasp on these men … they are very restless and tend to change locations frequently. A Gemini man is imaginative and good with words – but to keep his attention is almost impossible as they get bored very easily! Romantic, flirtatious, bizarre, and full of fun – it is easy to fall in love with these characters… but be careful as they will always seek out the next adventure or debate with a friend to fulfill their minds!


These women are captivating by all friends and strangers, they can seduce anyone with their cleverness and charm. They are fun, and easy to be around, naturally sociable they can always amuse a group of people. These Gemini’s are the most moodiest out of the bunch.. it’s because they have a consist battle of “alone time vs. socializing” it’s difficult for them to find the solace they need as they can easily forget at times. They can keep calm if they are always learning something new, and able to share it with someone. These women are very smart, and need to be respected for their minds, although they do get bored easily ….. and will tend to have many social groups or romances to keep them stimulated, curious about life. They are low-maintenance, and don’t ask much of anyone, as long as you can be a good friend, keep up at their pace and show them something new – they will stick around with you!

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