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The year 2018 will be a year of contemplation for Gemini where you will take time to stand still and reflect. The planetary positions indicate that your Gemini energy will enable positive change in multiple aspects of your life and share that positivity to those around you too. You are charming, flexible, sensitive to external stimuli, very versatile and expressive, known for assertive responses. Your high energy levels may make you appear tensed and nervous at times. You will see hectic times during the middle of the year. As this sign is ruled by Mercury, the Gemini natives are usually very intellectual and sensitive which makes them use these qualities to overcome obstacles and solve problems.

 This year you may have to discard your old habits of thinking and make room for new positive ones. This letting go will make things easy and pleasant. Accept what is before you and soon you will realize that there is a place for something new. A new job, a new relationship, a new pastime or anything else as the possibilities are endless.

With Jupiter in your 5th house for most of the year, it is going to be a fun-filled period. Most important interests in the coming year will be finance, communication, intellectual pursuits, creativity, travel, religion, philosophy and love affairs. However, the greatest fulfillments in the year ahead lie in the areas of friendships.


In 2018, the most active and happiest areas of your life will be love and career. Jupiter in the sign of Libra will bring about a lot of romance. This year you will be focusing to establish better intimacy and strong emotional bonds with people whom you love. Committed relationships that have been bitter sweet for many years will now show signs of progress and deeper bonds. Love life will be happier than it was in the past due to Jupiter`s placement in the fifth house. Those married will be rekindled with feelings of love and passion and many may set out on a second honeymoon. Singles will find love opportunities and may be drawn to their soul mates. Gemini natives will see a love life that is filled with vigor and passion this year ahead. You will be beginning to see that it was always you that has created your love situation, happy or painful. With this knowledge, you will now set forth to recreate a new love situation that is more in line with what you truly want and need.


The last year saw you adopt a wait and see approach as power shifts and struggles raged all around you. Many times you had to contend with people who refused to acknowledge your abilities and potential. However, this year things will be different due to benevolent Jupiter. New contacts and affiliations with groups will provide you with credibility and help you achieve your cherished goals. Some important improvements are likely to happen in your career. You will get an honorary position, better job, transfer to a department you love. From February to June, you must patiently persevere to see winds in your favor. You will find increasing opportunities to upgrade your status, take control and shape events to your design.

Gemini natives should ensure to exercise control over their words at the workplace. Within your work environment, try to express your own desires and ideas. You also need to observe that you have the tendency to get restless. However, without suppressing it, observe it. Once you start observing this, the power of your restlessness diminishes. Applying this at workplace with difficult colleagues and seniors will improve working relationships.


You will face a potentially rewarding financial period this year. You will make some major changes in this area of your life as you will focus on building your security sources with strength and dedication. According to Gemini finance horoscope, a good inflow of cash is predicted this year. Planetary placements indicate to bring positive energy in this sector financially making you feel stable and secure. You will be presented with new financial opportunities.

You can expect to see an increase in your earnings due to new sources of income. Those in business will enjoy huge profits. Investing in stock markets can give you good returns. Investments in business related to garments, iron and steel, beauty, dairy products, travel and tourism are likely to fetch good profits. Focus on your strengths to taste success. However, it is best to keep a check on your expenditure. Saturn in your money house wants you to get rid of destructive financial attitudes, habits and practices. It wants your spending to be proportional to your income as it loves order and sense of proportion. Avoid loans and debts.


Peace and harmony will prevail at domestic front. However, you can expect to see some changes happen as life events will force changes. Transfer to other cities will take place due to career. A parental figure can show signs of asserting her or his freedom. He or she can move out of home for extended periods too. Months of July to August will be an ideal time to decorate and renovate your house. It will be a good time to re-decorate your house with beautiful objects.

This will also be the period where you will face troubles from your children. They may exhibit unruly behavior demanding a lot of your attention. You need to handle them with patience and find ways to give them a creative outlet to vent their pent up feelings and emotions. There will be family gatherings, entertainments at home seen during this year.


During this year, you need to lay focus on your health. Health wise, it will not be a good year for you. Do not exhaust yourself, take rest when need to. You need to learn to tune to your body`s messages. There will be periods of increased stress levels and so you need to take time out and relax for your well-being. Pay attention to your diet. Avoid excessive thinking and chatter. Take benefit from new and experimental types of therapies.

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