Birth Dates Range July 22 – August 22
Zodiac Sign Grouping Fire
Characteristic Feature Fixed
Lucky Colours Orange, gold, yellow
Lucky Days Tuesday, Sunday
Lucky Numbers 08, 03
Ruled by Sun
Ruling House 5th
Rules Anatomy Heart, back, spine, blood circulation, sympathetic system, solar plexus
Strengths Intuitive, emotional, protective
Weaknesses Manipulative, insecure, clingy
Likes Games, entertainment, loyalty
Dislikes Boredom, sneakiness, flighty



Leo is the royal sign out of the zodiac; Leo rules fun, games, pleasure, passion, children, and procreation. As anyone knows a Leo individuals are the most passionate about life, and just going for it – they wish for fun in their everyday, and they know how to go for it (as they are a fire sign). They have a childlike wonder outlook on life, as they are able to keep their innocents, even through the harshest moments – they can always keep their dignity with their strong hearts. Very loyal characters they have a strong belief in trust and true friendship, throughout life this is very important to them. If you betray a Leo they will go after you – they don’t put up with any insincerity or liars. A Leo’s appearance will always take notice, as they have hair that stands out from all the rest, and a big smile with star shaped teeth. Leo people are natural performers, and love to show what’s inside of them; they want their presence to take notice! Leos are a fixed sign, meaning they are able to make their dreams and wishes come true because they have that magic wand at their fingertips. People loves Leos, some say they are dramatic, but only when they have to be – usually Leos are fun-loving, delightful, playful, fun, and silly – as they want to entertain those around them.


Leo’s are very ambitious in career, and they go directly for what they have in mind. These people will always have a feeling that they are ‘destined for greatness’ in some way. They definitely have the persistence to make greatness happen for them, as they know dedication pays off. Throughout their careers they may have to deal with some setbacks, but most of all their ego will get hurt sometimes. They will have to learn how to deal with this. This can be problematic for Leo’s as they tend to crave too much applause from others; they need to learn how to find their own strength and confidence from within themselves. Some advice for Leo’s that it would be at their best interests to create the right space so they can reroute their path if needed, because they tend to surround themselves with people most of the time. It is very likely they will be the leader of any creative job that they fall into, as it is natural for them. Highly organized people with high ideals, they have big dreams, and with their fixed nature you can bet they will come true!


Leos have high expectations in love, and they love the feeling of being loved. They need praise and respect from their lovers, and they will give the same – as they have to proud of their lover and they will want to show them off. These lions love to be courted and have attention, it gives them confidence and strokes their ego. Leo’s are passionate lovers, and are able to pleasure their sweetheart to the extreme… but if anything the most important aspect in a relationship for a Leo is kindness and loyalty. They are there for the long haul, and they will only pick someone who they know is too. Don’t make these lions feel insecure else they won’t be coming back, it takes much dedication and devotion to be a part of their royal empire. Leos in love, love praise, passion, and affection from their loves one – Leos don’t like insincerity, fights, and rudeness in love.


These men know how to follow their hearts in every endeavor in their lives, as they know they need to take pride in their actions. When these lions enter a room, they naturally get all eyes set on them – as they have a deep loud voice, you cannot miss. In their work they have a knack for physical jobs, or careers that allow them to use their whole bodies – but all the same they have true charm and intellect, so they fit in all places. At times their egos can get the best of them in situations when it’s not called for, or they take something on too personally. These men are impulsive, friendly, and demonstrative – they can show you that the world’s a stage!


The queens of the zodiac like to be the center of attention, as they are comfortable with that sort of thing! In a crowd these women have a brilliant sense of humour and know when to bring it out – as they like to make a scene, and have all eyes on them; but once in a more intimate setting they are actually quite relaxed. Since these lions have a big mouth, sometimes they are too much of a boss trying to organize everyone else’s life around them, as they have a knack for organizing and knowing ‘how everything should go’, but all that attitude aside deep down they just wish to help their friends. A Leo women need a lot of affection and attention in their daily lives, they love having people around them all the time. In the end these women are full of energy, integrity, and power, knowing that they have to play their part in the world.

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