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The year 2018 will bring many challenges to Leo and this would undeniably be a year of contemplation. The ways to overcome these challenges would be take responsibility for one`s own actions and positive proactivity. You need to take steps to live in a more conscious way and take time to connect with your own deep self. Leos exhibit traits of courage, self-confidence, assertiveness, and being open. With Planet Sun ruling this zodiac, Leos possess a lot of creative energy. They are usually successful in their lives due to their sense of purpose, persistence and quick decisions. You will also see positive changes in many aspects of your life this year due to Jupiter`s favourable placement.


An extraordinary bonding can occur between you and your partner. The aspect of Jupiter on your House of Love can lead to deeper fulfilment in love relationships and finding your soul mate. It would be bringing greater driven and focus on love in your life. You will work on being more affectionate and loving towards your partner or with whom you are bonded to. If in a relationship, strong deeper bonds will be seen and will make you expand the love in your life. With Venus in your house of intimacy all year long, you can work on having a stronger spiritual connection within your intimate relationships. However, Saturn in Sagittarius may bring discontent in love life for some. It is advised not to succumb to such inclinations and resist negative planetary influences with the spiritual power of endurance. This is the key to peace and happiness in love life. Planetary positions indicate challenging situations in the month of May. A pragmatic approach is needed to resolve difficult situations in your love life. Though there will be ups and downs, most part of the year, you will see a great love life. Singles may find their love and those not in a serious relationship should let go of it, if the partner is not measuring up as you deserve to be with someone who adores you. The months of January and February, will be a good time for those in a serious relationship.


It will be a big year for you. You will work on new goals, take a new direction and put yourself in a new path. Career change is also indicated. You will be able to take on more work and will love doing the work you are passionate about. Since Sun is benefic in your horoscope, there will be success and possible promotion. You will work very hard to achieve your career goals. Hurdles in career will be faced in the month of November.


The 2018 Money forecast for Leo predicts that financially it might be a favourable year. You will work hard throughout to earn good amount of money and this will help you pay off past debts. You will be able to organize your budget well. This is a time to plan for investments. Investing in stock market may fetch huge profits for some Leo natives. Leos are often described as lavish spenders. You need to curb your tendency towards extravagance and practice being thrifty. August will bring increased expenditures which will weigh you down heavily. However, September and October will be months of optimal activity and good inflow of money. Those in business can expect to enjoy sudden unexpected profits. Financially you may remain strong and stable and new ways to earn extra income will open up. Business travel abroad is likely for some Leo natives and this trip will be a profitable one. This year looks promising though at times constraints and barriers will be seen. However, this will not hold you back to see your wishes fulfilled. You need to stay careful in matters of inheritance, property. Some would spend towards religious activities and pilgrimage. After October, there are chances of buying a house, property and enjoying material comforts.


It will be an average year for your children. Children may need your guidance and solace during this period. Some may take show interest in the field of technology and some may travel abroad for higher studies. They are likely to get admission into a reputed, prestigious institution. Newly married couple can expect a birth of a baby child at home. Due to the effects of Jupiter and Saturn in your life, you are likely to face some disturbances in domestic front. Take and heed the advice given to you by elders at home. Control your emotions and act with reason and logic to solve the surging problems at home. If you follow this, then you are most likely to experience joy and happiness in your family life. Elders will be supportive of you.  Friends will help you in times of difficulties. Many will remain content with family and domestic arrangements this year. Long-term issues will be resolved with timely corrective actions. Renovation or expansion of your home is likely to happen. Some may move to a larger, opulent residence. You would be enjoying total cooperation from your life partner.


You are likely to face mixed results in terms of health this year. Following a vegetarian diet of green leafy vegetables, regular physical activity will help boost your immune system. Practice of yoga and meditation will greatly reduce your stress levels. You will be free from long-term severe diseases. However, there will be times when you face low energy levels. Stay calm and patient to see better results. Rejuvenating your mind and body with suitable therapeutic activities should be your foremost priority this year. Avoid physical exertions and relax to achieve mental peace. Pace yourself and do not push beyond your limits. You need to possess the will power to curb negative habits and take control of your health. After September your energy will reach a new peak.

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