Libra horoscope




Birth Dates Range September 23 – October 22nd
Zodiac Sign Grouping Air
Characteristic Feature Cardinal
Lucky Colours Blue, jade
Lucky Days Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
Lucky Numbers 06, 09
Ruled by Venus
Ruling House 7th
Rules Anatomy Skin, kidneys, bladder, glands
Strengths Open-minded, collaborative, balanced
Weaknesses Grudges, indwelling, escapes conflicts
Likes Harmony, Love, Kindness, outdoor activities
Dislikes Confrontation, Violence, injustice



Libra is ruled by Venus the planet of love and beauty, this is where Libras find their success in life. The symbol to represent the Libra zodiac is the scales, as they will always need to keep balance between emotions and intellect for these individuals. They are the keepers of ‘justice’ within the astrological wheel keeping peace and harmony as this is what they strive for to have happiness. Libra is the 7th sign in the zodiac, and the 7th house is the house of partnerships – so love is extremely important for a Libra individual. They love the idea of love, and they fall in love easily but people fall in love with them just as fast. Libras have natural calmness about them that people want to be around, they are able to keep everything relaxed and cool when they are present in a room. Since Libra rules partnerships, their story in the zodiac is about opposites finding stability with one and other – as it is inevitable at times conflict will arise and confrontation is essential. That said, Libras do not like confrontation, and they will do most in their power to avoid this. The issue here is that they let their anger slowly grow until they decide to just pack their way and find a new lover that will give them tranquility for the time being. This is why it is essential for Libras to find their opposite who can balance them out, this will give them the balance they are seeking and need in order to live the life they have in mind. Libras are charismatic, charming, and essential for any group as they are the mediators of astrology.


Libras in career know how to make success, as they are able to make the right decisions. They will always carefully weigh the pros and cons of every move they make, and they very conscious about how they appear to the public. Not that they are insincere individuals, naturally full of charm and appeal in the professional world – people enjoy working for them because they make great bosses! Always fair and have a just attitude, they don’t have any hidden intentions in their work agendas. You can find Libras working in the arts or academics. Born talents for art, music, poetry but as well make outstanding lawyers, judges, and politicians. They know how to collaborate and make connections, but they always need to keep their head aligned with their hearts, if a Libra is in a bad place they will make decisions that they are bound to regret later on. Throughout their lives and successes, they may find it quite difficult to keep balance between their home and professional lives – this is a lesson they will need to learn, it is easy for these two lives to collide, and the balance between the two will be lost altogether. In the end Libras are looking for harmony, they will need a space where they can find peace to create their visions so they can inspire the people around them.


Libras in love are very polite, friendly, and have great manners – they look for a lover with the same ideals as them. At first they are great at impressing their crush, and can woo you with poetry and romantic evenings as they like to impress their lovers. The beginning of a love affair with a Libra is sensual, comfortable, and romantic – but once you are in a long-term relationship you need to put in your part to keep the relationship going. They need balance, and if the partnership becomes difficult it is easy for them to walk away to a new experience. They like being in a relationship because they feel it is a part of keeping balance in life. They have excellent manner in social situations, and are able to connect with almost anyone – some people may find this superficial but they really do strive for understanding, harmony, and peace.

Additionally they need to keep themselves in check at the beginning of romance as they are impressionable characters and can get lost in love, picking up on their partners traits just because they want to please them so. Libras in love, love romantic nights, peaceful relationships, and sensuality in a romance – Libras don’t like outbursts, isolating relationships, and aggressive behaviour in love.


The Libra man is remarkably charming, and he is aware to appear this way to others. These men don’t like arguments, battles, or any emotional confrontations – as it makes them feel uncomfortable and unsure. Actually when dealing with a Libra man you will need to understand that when a situation becomes stressful or demands clear communication he may stray away feeling that his partner should just be able to read his mind. They are not open about what makes them feel insecure, and much rather be given attention to. They have many friends, and like to be surrounded by them, it is easy for them to become the leader in their groups as they keep the balance between all their male friends’ egos. In a romantic relationship they are actually quite picky with whom they will dedicate themselves to, as they want a partner who is as romantic and idealistic as they are, yet their beloved needs to be real and able to just read their minds when they’re unable to speak their own words. Most of all Libra men are handsome and polite; they seek fairness in life, and will strive to have everything in life.


Libra women thrive when they are partnered up with someone, as will look for a balance to keep harmony in their lives. At times they can make too many compromises for the partnership, which results in them having tantrums and unusual behaviours – they need to keep a hold on themselves. When you meet a Libra women she is more than appealing, attractive, and welcoming – she is always held in high regard among her friends, naturally artistic and funny. People fall in love with Libra women easily, and they do have their share of romances along the way but in the end they do seek to find someone who can balance them out. These women have visions of how they want life to be, they like having people around to create this utopia. Libra women will be faced with many decisions in life, always carefully deciding what is better in the long run. They are better at making them with their hearts rather than their heads.


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