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The broad planetary picture of 2018 for Libra natives will be Jupiter in Libra, Ketu in Capricorn, Rahu in Cancer. This will be a year where Libra natives would have to focus attention to their self and growth. With Jupiter moving into your own sign, you will enjoy prosperity and good fortune in the later period of the year. Jupiter will bring enhanced self-esteem, good food and good things in life. The spiritual expansion felt within due to benefic Jupiter’s influence will show in your outer life too with tangible effects. This will bring you more personal delight, happiness, optimistic, jovial and grateful. Your important areas of interest this year would be in your body, self-image, personal pleasure, personal appearance, children, intellectual interests, health, and creativity.

One of the dominant traits of Libra is balance and the horoscope for Libra 2018 predicts a desire for balance. Balance is indeed the symbol of this zodiac sign. They will strive to achieve balance in all areas of their life. They believe in fairness and equality and are fair as possible in any situation. Being fun –loving and highly sociable they act as magnets to draw new friends in their circles. This year 2018 shows exciting possibilities ahead. However with Saturn`s influence, some hardships can be expected. But with the blessings of cosmic powers, you will have the determination and courage to overcome them. This will be a dynamic period activating your areas of higher service and self-nurture – a time for inner reflection, spiritual pursuits, self- analysis and self-nurturing activities.


The Libra Love horoscope 2018 predicts that the earlier part of the year will not be favorable for love life for singles desiring to develop an intimate love relationship. The presence of strong malefic Ketu in the fourth house will keep the person waiting for a long time to find love. This planetary position is not conducive to enjoy desired love relationships. However, the period from the beginning of April to Mid June seems favorable for singles and it is a good time to get into a love relationship with the opposite gender. This because Venus, the Planet of love and intimate relationships will come out of combustion around the last week of February. In the beginning of the year it was in a state of combustion. From April, couples will find rewards of deeper commitment or improved communication. Overall, the picture is perfect for love to spread its colors in this year. Cosmos has arranged a whole new scenario to start a new journey with a new partner for those unmarried. Letting go of unhealthy bad relationships will pave way for inner peace and relief. Time has come to leave the past baggage behind and start anew.


With benefic Jupiter in the ascendant, Saturn in the third hose, your career prospects will remain very good this year. Career field will present major changes with long term positive developments. Owing to a significant increase in your strengths, you would be able to accomplish hard tasks. You will be successful in administrative matters and in dealing with authorities. Good job, hike in your salary can be expected this year. At workplace, you will earn the recognition of your boss, become the center of attraction due to your talents and skills. It will be time to focus on your goals, set new goals and work hard to achieve them. You will be able to make good impressions on the right people at work and secure attention for your success. You will exhibit amazing problem-solving skills where you can analyze instantly and thus get into the core of any problem. A job change or a worked for promotion is likely on the cards this year 2018.


With benefic Jupiter in your 2nd house of finance remaining strong, you will enjoy prosperity and abundance. It will be bringing new financial opportunities and you will be focusing on expanding your financial position. With Venus adding strength to your financial position, prosperity will be strong throughout the year. Balance is required in terms of your finances this year.  However, you need to manage your finances well to have financial stability for the year 2018. With Saturn`s blessings you will manage well and effortlessly. As the year progresses, you will be making investments that will help you see beneficial results. There are chances to secure financial gains from long distant places.


This year in the months of May –November, it will be a crucial period when Mars will be in exaltation. Domestic life would be filled with strained relations and you need to use your balancing act to get things in order. You need to focus on issues in your family and work them out. You need to give your home and family the attention they need. With Saturn in your house of family, you can take on more responsibilities; work on a plan to improve your home situation. Your children might have new opportunities of growth. Your children will be found with more energy, drive and enthusiasm. Some may tend to become very rebellious when Mars is in retrograde and you need to spend more time with them, give more support and see they act in independence taking responsibility for their actions. August will be a favorable time to meet new people and make new friends. You will feel more independent and willing to step outside your comfort zone. You can reconnect with old friends and renew your old friendship.


The current period in the year 2018, is a critical period in terms of physical and mental fitness. Problems at domestic front will lead to stress and tension. Challenge yourself to achieve your health goals with regular physical activity, eating healthy food, connecting to your inner being. Practice yoga or meditation to achieve inner peace, trust and courage. Those suffering from chronic ailments will find relief if they follow health laws and take suitable treatment.

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