Scorpio horoscope




Birth Dates Range October 23 – November 21st
Zodiac Sign Grouping Water
Characteristic Feature Fixed
Lucky Colours Orange, red
Lucky Days Tuesday, Thursday
Lucky Numbers 09
Ruled by Pluto
Ruling House 8th
Rules Anatomy Genitourinary tract, genitalia, renal pelvis, rectum, prostate, coccyx, nose.
Strengths Sensual, persuasive, ardent
Weaknesses Jealous, aggressive, secretive
Likes Passion, occult, self-possessed
Dislikes Power failure, avoidant



Scorpio is the 8th zodiac – A scorpions influence is about secrecy, addictions, transformation, debits, death, and hidden motives. Scorpio individuals will understand these changes when it comes to life because they provoke them – they seek out the new as they know death is inevitable in all situations. Scorpio is a fixed sign, meaning they have a lot of self-control, as they are able to focus and put efforts towards achievements. Sometimes this control gets too intense as they would like to have control over others as well… getting involved with a Scorpio character is like signing a questionable contract. This zodiac is known to be obsessive in all the ways, these individuals most of all need to learn that at times in life you chain yourself to the harmful sides of existence. People born under this effect have a very secretive nature of themselves, they don’t want others to know about their personal lives, or it is just impossible to get any solid information about their lives from them. On the contrary they need to know everything about everyone else; this gives them a feeling of control over their loved ones, and just life itself. Lucky for these people, they are magnetic and attract many admirers as they have a certain kind of sex appeal that none of the other signs possess, they are able to wheel people into their lives who share the same passion and intensity that they crave.


Scorpios know what they want, and they know how to go after what they want. At an early age in life they will know their direction, and they seek out ways to make it come true – they can easily fool others as these types do have hidden intentions, and will always put themselves first. Just as a forewarning when getting involved professional with a Scorpio- that they will always have his best interests in mind first, and yours second. When the Scorpio person is feeling insecure about his work, he will go out and network to find himself back in line again – they aren’t the most sincere individuals when it comes to climbing the ladder. At most they prefer to work independently in a secret space of their own; they don’t like to show their work until absolute perfection and completion, as their work needs to clearly represent their image. A scorpion will go through transformations within his own work and some career changes could happen along the way, but most of all he knows he needs to grow keeping to his original path. Determination is their friend but also an enemy as they will go as far die for what they want to achieve.


Scorpions in love are the most intense out of the zodiac, as they look for intensity and emotions in a commitment. They like to watch their crushes before making a bold move – as they are looking for someone to transform with. Once you are in a romance with a Scorpion they are 100% dedicated to you, it can be overwhelming at times. They need to have control over their partners and the relationship – as this makes them feel secure. Their approach is to know everything about you, even if it’s intrusive, but on the other hand it is difficult to get to know them. Certain times of their lives they have a tendency to take advantage of friends and lovers to get what they want, they also know they have the power of sexual appeal that they can use over others. Nonetheless if they are with you, then they are dedicated, just be careful not hurt them, because hurting a Scorpio means you will get it 10x worse. They find it difficult to forgive others, and are looking for company to transform with. Scorpios in love, love intensity, drama, all or nothing in love – Scorpios don’t like vagueness, aloofness and, stagnation in romance.


The Scorpion man is elegant, calm, and alluring in all his ways when seen in a room. They have a strong-will and will always go after a challenge, this is fun for them. Scorpio is a fixed sign, so they know how to accomplish anything, and allow nothing to get in the way. They rather keep to themselves and have quite a few secrets that of sexual affairs and business – they prefer that people not know everything about them. On the opposite end they are actually quite talented at reading people so they do know everything about everyone. This gives them a sense of personal power among a group; they need this power to feel secure. These men set a lot of rules and goals to live by; they do this when they are in a good space as it controls their hidden nature that lives inside of them. If they are in a bad head space, watch out as they have a skill to manipulate others to get what they want, with their victims never knowing. These men have powerful emotions deep inside, but they don’t like to appear vulnerable in anyway.. self-reliant, self-sufficient, and self-disciplined. They are attracted to many people regardless of looks, and many are intrigued by them for their secret nature, depth, and intensity.


These women look for emotional intensity, as they have the skill to look right through someone’s soul. You can’t say the same for them as they have a natural sexual secretive demeanor. Their natural edge takes them a long way to success. People are attracted to them, and they know how to use their power to get what they want in every situation. Scorpio women can’t stand anything ‘normal’ and will purposely go out and look for drama as it is excitement and entertainment for them. Nothing is ever half way for them, because they have so much intensity living inside of them it needs to come out in everything they do. They like to test themselves and those around them, life is about pursuing the darker side of things. This can be scary for anyone who is close with them. Though they have a powerful front deep down they hold insecurities about betrayal, this is why it is best to be cautious when romantically involved with these Scorpions. They need to understand that their power can be used for good or evil, and they need to learn how to control their emotions and understanding their intense relationship with life.

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