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Last year, Scorpio natives saw hardships and disappointments due to planetary influences. The stars indicate a good time ahead for Scorpio this year. With Jupiter in your sign all year long, you will have more opportunities, expand your life in new ways and this make you feel fulfilled. Your energy and drive will be high thus making this year to be a great year. With Mercury retrograde, you can face some problems in communication. With patience and focus you will be able to resolve them effectively. It will also be a time to pursue your personal joys. The most important interests in the year ahead would be finance, home, children, family, speculations, love, religion, metaphysics, and foreign travel.  Your paths to greatest fulfillment will be in health and career.


This year 2018 will demand more restraint and discipline from Scorpio natives. You will have great freedom to shape the 7th house of love and marriage. The Scorpio natives will have to be careful in matters of love this year. Since, Venus Planet of love is in combustion, flow of love will not be smooth. Those in relationship need to be maintain a cautious attitude and refrain from emotional acts and impulsive behavior as that may wreck relationship. It may also cause breakups causing severe heartbreaks. To keep the relationship intact, maintain an attitude of flexibility. Try to accommodate the feelings and emotions of your love partner in order to gain good understanding. Unwanted quarrels and misunderstandings are bound to happen. It is important to handle the situation with patience and endurance. However, the position of Jupiter will be favorable for those having a single status. Jupiter can bring a lot of changes in the level of love. As Jupiter will be ruling your fifth house, and seen in a good supporting position, singles can expect to develop a love relationship. Singles will seek serious relationships. Relationships developed will last for a lifetime and you will see stability in them. Those in committed relationship should take measures to strengthen bonds with their partner. Those seeking re-marriage need to be patient as planets do not appear to be favorable.


Professional life will be the main concern for Scorpio natives in 2018. With the approach of the New Year, you will face difficult situations in your career. It is important to maintain your equanimity in the face of confusion and uncertainty. At work front, you can expect to see significant changes. Some can expect promotion and also gain a higher position. Scorpios in established careers are likely to see advancements this year with more responsibility and extra care. Those beginning their careers will see many challenges and they need to work very hard to please their insensitive bosses at times. This year would be favorable to turn your ideas into reality and starting new ventures. Workplace may not be very conducive and pleasant till April. However, career progress is likely after November. Relocation due to career is also possible. This could be a period of change with your work if you are unhappy with it. You can make progress and experience success if you work hard. If you haven`t worked hard before, now you need to think and act responsibly. Set new goals and feel more ambitious. Students can expect excellent results in difficult exams due to Jupiter`s benefic influence. Due to your sincere commitment, Jupiter will bestow victory, success and good grades.


This year Scorpio natives need to be careful with their finances. You rarely let financial considerations dictate your choices. You might try to curtail your spending habits but you may also exhibit tendencies of extravagance. Your family expenses are likely to increase and cause stressful situations. Due to over spending, you may face serious problems. However with Jupiter Transit to Scorpio in November, you will gain relief and may enjoy monetary gains. Proper management of finances holds the key for stability. Planetary alignments indicate that you have to work hard for your money. The first two months of this year 2018 are favorable to take financial moves, actions and decisions. Those planning for investments can do so in the first half of the year but the second half, they should be careful. Venus will move to Libra in the first week of September and this may make you inclined to buy jewellery and luxurious things. Avoid major spending when Venus is in retrogression. After September, things will emerge more advantageous. Legal cases will end in your favor and they can attract good inflow of money. Income from unexpected sources will be present.


With Saturn entering your house of home and family this year, it will be a period to spend more time with your family. You can focus on new outings and gatherings and improving your relationships with your family. There will be changes seen in your domestic life which will be surrounded by a lot of activity in 2018. Your home continues to support the changes happening. By being considerate in your dealings with others, you would be able to turn distressing times into empowering ones. There will be expansion in the family with new additions like a birth of a new baby. Planetary positions indicate that Scorpios will have a good family life this year but it not be free of hindrances to happiness. Family members may pose trouble by demanding a lot from you. This could be too much for you to handle smoothly.


It would be a year with mixed results in terms of health for Scorpio natives. You will understand that good health is more than just absence of disease. You need to strengthen your internal organs by following a health regimen, wholesome diet, healthy eating, and detoxifying therapies. This will help you maintain high energy levels, let go of unimportant trivial things, focus on priorities. Sports and vigorous exercise will help you strengthen from within. You need to take care of your spine, knees, teeth and skeletal alignment.

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