Birth Dates Range April 21 – May 21
Zodiac Sign Grouping Earth
Characteristic Feature Fixed
Lucky Colours Green & White
Lucky Days Monday, Friday, Saturday
Lucky Numbers 06 & 05
Ruled by Venus
Ruling House 2nd
Rules Anatomy Cervical larynx, vocal cords, thyroid, esophagus, salivary glands, cervical vertebrae
Strengths Dependable, sensual, down to earth
Weaknesses Stubborn, materialistic, frugal, and possessive
Likes Security, beauty, valuables
Dislikes Aggressive behaviour, annoyance, being pushed



Taurus lives in the 2nd house – the house of acquisition. The sign of Taurus is about ownership, and the 2nd house is financial and property affairs. Taurus energy will always be able to bring about beauty and money to them wherever they go – they are the element of earth, bountiful in all material success. Taurus’s counterpart is Scorpio on the zodiac wheel, knowing this you can make a Taurus extremely jealous when it comes to relationships. The sign of Taurus is very secretive, especially when it comes to how hard they truly work for what they desire. They have an unmistakable “nonchalant” attitude towards life, but they will not let that get in the way of having material comforts – in fact it’s a part of why they have such a good attitude towards life, they know ‘if you work, you will be rewarded’. A Taurus is a

fixed energy, and like any fixed energy they are able to begin projects and finish them flawlessly! They understand that once you begin an endeavor, steadiness and dedication is the key to have the completion they envisioned. Additionally these individuals are stable, determined, and resolute, although once they go way-word they can be the most stubborn and have a temper that can just get the best of them. Taurus embodies the quality of Venus in their everyday life, they are known for harmony and peace by admirers, and close friends. If you’re in the company of a Taurus, you can sure that they will provide you with a home filled with all the essentials; Taurus attracts all sorts of people, and they always welcome them to enjoy the pleasures of life with them.


As we know about Tauruses, they are hard workers and the secretive over-achievers of life. They know how to tough out all the difficulties that comes their way. The most persistent zodiac on the wheel they are able to show this type of dedication, because they know if they stay on the path – they are bound to get rich results. Taurus is ruled by Venus, so these individuals are blessed with creativity, and with their inner determination are able to wholeheartedly nurture their artistic skills. Naturally they have abilities for music, painting, anything quite tact-tile they love to fill or create a surrounding. Money security is also very important to these natives, so it is natural for them to go into a job that brings them this security they know that they crave and need… such like real-estate, or accounting. Moreover these Bull’s like to be in charge, and quietly work their way up there – they will always feel that they can do the job better than anyone else, so full control is very important to them. Regardless of the work, that it be in the arts, finances, or agriculture these Taurus born souls are dedicated to the work of life – ‘knowing that what you put in, is what you will receive.


Love to a Taurus individual is about sharing their comforts to their beloved, indulging in all five senses together. They are romantic but not in a cliché way. Simply relaxed together is what they desire when in love. They are best in long-term relationships, and this is what they seek – so it is best to be patient with them in the courting stages and let the romance unfold naturally. Once together with a Taurus lover, it can be quite rewarding as they love physical touch together in and out of bed. holding hands, massages, and all physical pleasures. Since they are ruled by the Goddess Aphrodite indulgence comes naturally to them, like eating chocolate in bed, or cuddling all morning. They are respectful and devoted in relationships, and they demand the same from their partners. They have a tendency to get quite jealous – if you are with a Taurus lover, you may want to watch how you communicate with others when out at a party and the like. They much prefer dependability and even predictability in their relationships, they need to feel safe with you, knowing that what they are investing in will last forever. Taurus’s in love, love a dependable partner, sensuality, and devotion – Taurus’s don’t like drama, changes, and instability in their romantic relationships.


A Taurus man is very reliable and dependable as a lover or a friend. They like to be the leader of their pack, knowing that their friends and colleagues are noticing their hard working skills. This attitude can be quite immature at times, with their inflexibility to take others ideas or way of doing things, delegating with a Taurus man is very difficult to do. Since a Taurus man is possessive in anything he does, this approach also goes for his partner – there’s a type of ‘ownership’ attitude with the way he loves… ‘I will provide, if you are mine and stay with me forever’ is the way he looks at love. He likes to build and make comforts for the people around him. If he has a creative endeavor, he will make sure that all his friends can be a part of it and work for him, or if he buys a house – he will make sure he has a partner to make it a home with. Love for a Taurus man is about the ‘day-to-day’ together, just doing practical things together is the most romantic. A Taurus man likes to have people around that can relax and enjoy going with the flow, building a quality future is the way this bullheaded man lives.


A Taurus woman can put up with almost anything, especially to preserve security in her life. This kind of women likes to have much material comforts and safety to keep her happy with a serene peace of mind. She does not appreciate any emotional outbursts, and you won’t expect her to do so. Naturally quite emotionally balanced because she tends to analyze everything over before making a move, so then no mistakes are bound to occur. This can make her quite conservative, and just set in her ways – chained to her routine and predictable nature. It’s good for her to have friends that encourage some change in her life, as she can easily become an indulgent homebody who will resist change altogether. This woman is very romantic by nature, affectionate to her lover and completely faithful with a full heart – an unwavering amount of loyalty these women will stand the test of time with her chosen sweetheart. At most a Taurus woman desires a companion she can share her life with, indulging in all harmonious wonders.

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