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                                          TAURUS 2018 PREDICTIONS

   The independent, reliable, ambitious but good hearted Taurus can expect more changes this New Year. You can focus on making some changes in your life or with yourself by shifting your perspective or shaking things up like training your mind, training the thought processes, your communication skills and also focus on your emotional areas. You need to bring your emotional area in order to see peace and equanimity. The most important interests in the year ahead for you lie in communication, intellectual interests, emotional life, personal reinvention, personal transformation, home, family, work, and spirituality. As you are more inclined towards changes, so start thinking about the changes you would like to make in your life to improve and work on your plans to make the best use of this time.


This will be a period of great tranquility and harmony in your love life. With Planets of love in your favor, you are bound to share rich experiences, strong bonds with those you are deeply connected and in love with. Singles have powerful marriage opportunities waiting for them. You can expect to meet new people, improve your relationships, and enjoy spending time with loved ones. Those married should be able to cleanse their relationship of impurities. However, with Venus in retrograde in your House of Love and relationship, you will find it harder to get along well with others and experience problems in your relationships during this period.  You may experience communications issues with the people in your life during this phase and so it is important to work on listening more to others whom you love. Saturn the Planet of Wisdom will demand seriousness and commitment in you and can lead you to the emergence of a stable, serious, emotional and long lasting relationship based on maturity rather than on superficiality. Couples living in uncertainty for several months will take a decision to end their relationship.


As the year commences, you will see your career to undergo a phase of growth and exploration of new avenues. You will witness a favorable professional life making a substantial success with the power of destiny and best working efforts. As this vibrant period will go on until November, you will see expanses in the scope of your career and new avenues in your work, thus making it beneficial to work hard and aggressively to make the most of it. You will also see an increase in competition that might weigh you down. The planetary positions indicate that you must focus on building new business connections through social media to promote newly set up business. There are strong indications of beneficial partnerships in business. The favorable impact of Jupiter Transit and Saturn on the house of profession would bring progress and promotion to those in jobs. They would see an enhancement of reputation at their workplace and also enjoy the support and cooperation from their seniors. Those working in media and technical related fields will get new opportunities to improve their professional status. Transfer of jobs is likely to happen in the last half of the year.


Taureans are always interested in finances. Due to the combined influence of Jupiter Transit and Saturn on the house of wealth, it is giving indications of continued good inflow of money because of stability in professional front. There will be a consolidation of your financial position. You are likely to gain material riches in the form of costly jewelry and ornaments. Some would be able to make high-value purchases like a house, landed property, costly vehicle around the year-end. There will be spending seen and also unavoidable expenses. Make sure to reduce unwanted expenses. You need to plan your finances for your future. Some may face a financial crisis for a short period and may take a loan to fulfill their responsibilities. You can also expect to profit from your ancestral property.


You need to make changes and give much attention to your family and home from mid July. It denotes that you need to take extra responsibility in your home and family. You need to get your family life in order. Perhaps you have neglected your family for a long time and this has caused disorder which you need to correct it. Time has come when the cosmos is giving you more responsibility and more control. This is the time for organization and efficiency at home. You are now asked to take better control over the family relations and circumstances of your daily domestic conditions. Renovation of your house is possible as many will make better use of their existing space and get rid of things that are no longer needed. Grandparents will do a lot to entertain their grandchildren at home. Neighbors may pose problems. You may experience little problems at home like issues with your family, particular miscommunications and fights and so it is important to try to be more expressive with your emotions in a clear, non-combative way and listen to your family more.


The year starts with good health and high energy levels for Taurus. It will be a good time to take up sports, fitness regimens and give up unhealthy habits. The latter part of the year will see you with reduced energy levels. You can enhance your health by paying more attention to your kidneys, hips, liver. Detox regimes will prove to be highly beneficial. You will probably have to make important lifestyle changes and adjustments. Give yourself pace, rest more, do away with inessentials. Emotional health is important and do not waste time on negative mental states, moods and reaction patterns.

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