Virgo horoscope




Birth Dates Range August 23 – September 22
Zodiac Sign Grouping Earth
Characteristic Feature Mutable
Lucky Colours Yellow, white, green
Lucky Days Wednesday
Lucky Numbers 05
Ruled by Mercury
Ruling House 6th
Rules Anatomy Intestine, pancreas, intake

and utilization of food

Strengths Analytical, genuine, independent
Weaknesses Overprotective, Distant, Critical
Likes Intellect, Hard work, Precision
Dislikes Sloppiness, Loud, Superficiality



Virgo, also known as the Virgin in the zodiac rules health and work. Virgos keep the world running, and able to take on responsibilities that others disregard as these souls look for the simple special details in life. They are able to analyze every situation with acute intellect. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury, like the sign Gemini – so a Virgo is always in communication with exquisite conversation, and talented writers – they like to get their point across. Virgos are not so upfront like the other signs, they quietly work their way on the side achieving goals but not boasting about them. They have high aims, but don’t express these thoughts easily maybe only with others that they trust. What people don’t know about Virgos is that they have a light inside of them brighter than all the other signs, they are able to nurture themselves and understand themselves completely – but don’t trust the world enough with the gift they hold inside themselves. This will be their lesson is life; they need to learn how to let the light out, and tell the world the truth about them. Not that they are liars, but the mystery of Virgo is they don’t feel comfortable to show themselves completely to others, as they are afraid they will be rejected for what they hold inside themselves. Discriminating and critical characters they are the hardest on themselves. They have peculiar ideals and visions of the world they see and desire to live in, if known would strike the curiosity of more extroverted souls. If Virgos can live up to showing themselves completely, they are capable to catch the world’s attention.


Virgos are tremendous workers, once they have their minds set on their path – they take their work very seriously. They know how to examine the world for what it is, as well as themselves within it. It is almost impossible for a detail to be overlooked at in their own work, as they will spend countless hours making it to perfection. This can cause them some trouble along the way, just because they become so obsessed with their projects that they tend to forget about their loved ones or social life altogether. That aside Virgos do know health, and they always know once they reached the point and finally need to take a break to get back in touch and say hello to others. They like to work alone, as they are perfectionist and want to see their vision through, this is also therapy for them as they are extremely critical of their work and need it to be the best. They do well in almost any field, but especially excel in creative work and health careers. Since they do over work and tend to scrutinize everything too much, sometimes their work or efforts can become unnatural and over the top they need to learn how to let go at times, and see what happens.


When a Virgo decides to give their love to you, you should know with all their heart they are yours. Love is devotion, and about the details – as they will know all your special ins and outs. It is very important they have admiration for their beloved; they need to know they can trust the person before going into a relationship, because they are very cautious and don’t fall in love easily. As for them, they will work their way into your heart by doing things for you like listening to your problems, finding solutions for you, and always there to make you feel better. They are good in long-term relationships because they are independent and are able to go off on their own, but also just love being at home working together with their partner. If you are courting a Virgo you need to know they are extremely sensitive, and it is easy to make them feel insecure in love – so they do need you to make the first move. They have many admirers, and can come off aloof and mysterious a bit of a loner type. Virgos in love, love the details in romance, big romances, and devotion – Virgos don’t like being pushed, emotional confrontation, superficiality from a partner.


A Virgo man is practical, and always have their eyes set on a goal, although at times they can come off scattered in other parts of their lives because they take on too much at a time. These men are critical, logical, and nerdy – not the aggressive or emotionally expressive type, as they prefer to keep to themselves. They can get annoyed easily by others when asked too much of and if so they will walk away from the situation as they can be quite aloof characters. Don’t force them into big groups too often as they get nervous in anxious in such situations. It is more likely they will leave the party early to go home and work on their own on projects; they like to feel useful in their career, and among friends in some way. They will stand by you in times of need, and have very faithful hearts…. but don’t always expect them to be the life of the party or be at your side every second of the day, as they need their independence just as well!


Virgo women have appreciation for the little things in life, as they strive to make their lives about peace and harmony striving for simplicity. They actually enjoy running errands, and doing the day-to-day responsibilities that everyone around them finds as nuisances. They may come off standoffish when you first meet them, but in actuality they are very likeable and helpful people. Once people get to know them better they will find out that these women have quite unusual interests that can make them all the more puzzling – the thing is about Virgo women is that they are the ‘details’ themselves.. It takes time to get to know them, but once you do you will be happily surprised as they are very independent, and love to have time alone. These women usually have a quite close circle of friends that they are always helping out or in communication with at all times of the day. Virgo women are simply beautiful with the care they give to others and themselves as they know the way to live happy healthy lives putting their best efforts.

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