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The broad planetary picture of 2018 for Virgo natives will be Saturn in Sagittarius in the 4th house, Jupiter will transit into Scorpio in the 3rd house in October. It would be a positive year where you will see substantial improvements in your life in comparison to the past years. Trends of much travel, good living, high living, and financial expansion could be seen in 2018. Your paths to greatest fulfillments this year ahead would be in finance, communication, intellectual interests, personal transformation, repayment of debts or dues, and deeper things in life.

For Virgo, 2018 may be a highway to a deeper understanding of life. Virgos are basically perfectionists who pay great attention to details. You would try to become a better person and bring joy and happiness to those around you. You will try and live an exemplary life than the last year. It will be a year filled with a lot of activities which implies completion of unfinished tasks of the previous year. Setting targets, staying focused would help you achieve them. With Saturn transiting your sign, you may feel heavy with a lot of things to do and this needs patient handling and persistent effort.


The benevolent Jupiter`s influence on the 11th house will bring good news in your love life. However, Saturn`s influence may pose some obstructions to peace. Singles will have a chance of meeting their partners as their levels of attraction will be great to draw in the potential mates for life. Singles should start doing things differently. This year 2018 will be much easier to handle the problems of love than the past years. Your horoscope predicts that such difficulties are necessary to find better tomorrows. Those in a relationship should consider whether to split if they are not happy anymore with each other. Mars is in your Love sector and you can work on mending broken relationships.  This year heralds a time of change and new beginning. Long-term relationships could settle as marriage bonds. Marriage partners can face crisis in their relationships if they do not give space to each other. Patience and understanding is needed to make relationships work effectively. Love being volatile, Virgos may face both the highs and lows. Though friendships have been disappointing the past few years, you may consider romance to be more important than friendships. Love opportunities will open up anywhere anytime this year.


Jupiter`s favorable influence will help propel you towards a time of growth and outreach. The first half of the year will see the potentials of travel or learning a new skill-set and in the second half you will put to use these newly acquired skills in your career. You can expect to see advancements, raises in salary, career and job growth or powerful job changes. However, do not take more than you can handle as it may make you feel pressurized affecting your outer actions in life. You will experience trustworthy working relationships at workplace due to your reliability. Being hard working and honest, you will not face issues in your career this year. At work you will possess good organizational skills which be noticed by your boss and the deserving rewards will not be missed. Teamwork will help you meet your professional goals. Planets will support you in your efforts to express your talents and progressive forces will start working effectively from April.


With benefic Jupiter in your 2nd house of finance remaining strong, you will enjoy prosperity and abundance. With Venus adding strength to your financial position, prosperity will be strong throughout the year. Your earnings will increase, your assets will grow. Speculative activities will bring you success. You will be able to earn more and spend more. You will live a higher lifestyle. Enjoyment of earnings will be seen from family business, property or lucrative business partnerships. You will reap the rewards of your past hard work and this will show as new sources of income. Virgo horoscope says that those running business will get huge profits. However, you are advised to stay away from loans and debts. You are likely to see unexpected expenditure in May and November.


This year calls for a lot of attention in your domestic life. For the sake of domestic welfare and happiness, you need to strike a good balance between your family and professional life. With Mars in your house of home and family, you are most likely to focus on this area. You will be able to give more time and attention to your children and family. Positive changes are likely to happen at domestic front. You will work on connecting with your children emotionally and will provide support and encouragement. However, some may face problems with their children. Problems may occur leading to strained relations with your children. It is important to be patient while handling them. With 4th house Saturn, there will be indications of minor difference of opinion with family members at home. You may need to focus on eliminating issues with your family. Renovations are possible in your house. There will be auspicious occasions at home and some may see the arrival of a new born at home.


It would be an average year in terms of health for Virgos. Health will always be a priority for Virgos. You will show interest in living a healthy lifestyle and following health regimes. You may suffer due to problems in your ankles which may get strained due to strenuous exercise. Massage them on a regular basis to experience healing. Breathe in fresh air by going for long walks in a park or beach near you. You may have mental tension, worries, blood pressure. Follow breathing exercises to strengthen your system from within.

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